Double-decker carousel horse for sale

Double-decker carousel horse for sale is a kind of products that are composed of two layer of carousel. You can see them in big amusement parks. The double-decker one usually has large footprint and can accommodate as many as 48/68 people at one time. It is one of our grand luxury carousel horse sets. It is suitable for big theme park, amusement park for buying one. Given of its prepossessing figures and beautiful decorations. It strikes people as a large carousel palace. Customers can easily get attracted by its appearance. That’ why it serves as a good investment.

How to pick a double-decker amusement park merry go round?

Double-decker merry go round is the biggest carousel types that can accommodate twice the number of the regular ones can,so it is one of the representative of the big merry go round. It is suitable for small and medium playgrounds, children’s parks, squares, shopping malls, indoors, temple fairs, etc. In our company,we have 68 seats double-decker ones that can satisfy your need for big merry go round. The height of which can reach 8 meter and the diameter 8 meter. On account of its huge size,it will need as much as 6kw power to operate.

So how can we choose a double-decker carousel ride for our amusement park? There some tips we would like to share with you.

 Venue choice

First, you should make clear of how big your venue is to fit a double-decker carousel  before purchasing.

Indoor double-decker merry go round

If you are planning fit a double-decker ones in shopping mall. You should consider the height of it because it is not as free as it is in outdoor and it has more limitation than outdoor ones. The height of our carousel ranges is from 2 meters to 6 meters. So, if your indoor height is lesson than 5 meters, you might not choose 24 and 36 seats carousel. Because the height of them are all over 5 meters. But if you really want to install large carousel in the indoor venue, we can customize it for you. The solution to it is to remove the the gourd to make the top flat.

 Outdoor double-decker carousel horse

Since outdoor merry go round rides are put in the open air,it means the merry go rounds will have to withstand the weather erosion from rainy,snowy misty days. It raises the standard for its quality.


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Reliable quality control

Don’t worry about it,our company use FRP material for the the horse body, cornice,and the platform perimeter. The top of the merry go round applys the PVC material to resist water. Our company have a designated workshop for fiber-reinforced plastic production. Fiberglass and resin adhesive alternate layer after layer to increase the tenacity. Then these horses are sent to polishing machine. After being carefully polished by professional sanding workers to ensure that there are no flaws, the painting masters use the special baking paint workshop for automobiles to paint the horses perfect and beautiful in the paint booth. Then come out after being painted in the paint booth. The surface is very smooth, the paint surface is flat, and it is not easy to fade. Then putty powder will be smeared several times  and varnish for painting preparation,so that painting will be more glossy and shinning.

products testing in factory before delivery

Characters for double-decker carousel horse set

Components of double-decker carousel

Double-decker carousel horse ride has two story of horse rides. Outside of the carousel there is a stair to climb up the second floor. Like usual carousel, it has elements what one storey ones have. The luxury double-decker ones usually have fence around the base to enclose the facility in certain zone. Besides, it has more sophisticate makeup than one-floor ones. To support the top of the carousel, there are more supporting rods than one-floor carousel. Usually, you can see there are railings to protect customers safety. Usually, the railings will be at the second floor, the first floor won’ have. The center pillar is thicker than one-floor carousel. The upper and lower layers of carousel operate in independent control structure. The lower layer rotates clockwise and the upper layer rotates counterclockwise.

 There are two different configurations for double-decker carousel horse ride. The carousel horse are evenly distributed on each floor in one of the double-decker carousels. Also, there is a double-decker carousel has less horses on the second floor. It looks like a double layer cake.

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Capacity for double-decker carousels

In Dinis, we have 32/36/48/68 seat carnival double-decker carousel horse ride for sale. Any capacity you need we can customize it for you. So don’ t worry about the capacity. State your need in your inquiries, we will iron out all the problems.

What preparations do you need to make to set double-decker carousel horse ride?

Indoor double-decker carousel horse ride for sale

When you need to set one double-decker carousel horse ride in indoor venue. You would better need the data for the limited height for carousel and remember to offer your preferred carousel height for us. We can make relative adjustments for you to help the carousel fit into places like the plaza or shopping mall. Also,you need to pay some attention to the diameter of the carousel horse ride. Normally, the venue need to be bigger than the diameter of the indoor double-decker carousel horse ride.

Simple double-decker carousel horse set

This is a simple double-decker carousel horse set. It is suitable for business owner who wish to own a big carousel ride yet can’t afford the price of the luxury ones. It delete all kinds of luxury decorations and only maintain the fundamental parts what a carousel needs. Also, on the double-decker sets a ring of handrails.  The top of the carousel choose the simple tent, so it is easy to assemble and dissemble. The control console is on the first floor.

simple double decker carousel horse ride
simple double decker carousel horse ride

Outdoor double-decker carousel horse ride for sale

When you plan to set one double-decker carousel horse ride in outdoor venue, you need to pay some attention to the operation venue’s size. And if there is trees around the double-decker carousel, to see if it will influence the carousel’s placement. Besides, make sure the ground is flat when set carousel rides.

Designs for double-decker carousel for sale

 We have various themes for double-decker carousel for sale. For example, ocean theme carousel, European style, vintage theme, cartoon style and carousel in other styles. The cornices of European-style carousels are European-style steeples, and the appearance is mostly white and golden yellow. The appearance of vintage carousels is mostly treated with old-fashioned, wood-grained materials, and the colors are mainly red and black. The ocean carousel has seagrass shaped like and coral cornices. The color for which is mainly in blue, and the seats are aquatic creatures such as seahorses, fish, etc. The colors of the cartoon carousel are very diverse, and different themes are matched with different cornices , color, seat shape, such as the cartoon carousel of insects, the kingdom of ants; other new carousels, such as the flying magic hat.

In this passage, we talked about how to pick a double-decker amusement park merry go round? Characters for double-decker carousel horse set. What preparations do you need to make to set double-decker carousel horse ride? Designs for double-decker carousel for sale. Hope you find useful information from here. Please feel free to send inquiries. We will send you quote to your requirements as soon as possible.

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Diameter Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx1.5m 220v/380v/customized 500w 0.8m/s 1.4m Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ3mx3m 220v/380v/customized 1.1kw 0.8m/s 3.3m Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ6.5mx6.5m 220v/380v/customized 3kw 0.8m/s 5.3m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
16 Seats Φ8mx8m 220v/380v/customized 3.3kw 0.8m/s 6m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
24 Seats Φ9mx9m 220v/380v/customized 6kw 1.0m/s 8m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
36 Seats Φ10mx10m 220v/380v/customized 7kw 1.0m/s 9.5m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
double deck Φ10m*10m 220v/380v/customized 6kw 0.8m/s 8m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission

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