Antique Merry Go Round for Sale

Antique merry go round  for sale is one of the best-selling carousel facilities in our company. As its name suggests,it decorate itself with antique patterns of pictures. Its eave,canopy,cornice,horses are all design with elaborate and sumptuous patterns and have their unique vibe of luxury. They capture everyone’s eyes  without difficulties. We believe it helps a lot in profiting.

In this passage,we will introduce you how can we choose an agreeable merry go round with suitable size. The strength of hand painted merry go round carousel. What kinds of vintage merry go round horses design can be? What is a full size carousel horses for sale? Wooden carousel vs.Fiberglass carousel. What design could you point for your antique merry go round for sale? The quotation for vintage carousel for sale. The strength and defects to choose your antique merry go round for sale near you.

How can we choose an agreeable merry go round with with suitable size?

Antique merry go round for sale in amusement park

Before your buying a vintage merry  go round,we should take a consideration of where you wish to place one. If you plan to use in an amusement park. We consider that you could buy a big one because a large number of visitors come and go at amusement park. You will be needing a bigger capacity to accommodate all your customers at amusement park. Also if your fund is affluent enough you can even consider double-decker antique amusement park merry go round for sale.

 Antique merry go round for sale in shopping mall

If you need set a vintage antique carousel ride in shopping mall,some details you should be thinking is how tall at tops the shopping mall could accommodate. In Dinis, we have all kinds of carousel that suits your needs. Indoor and outdoor carousel horse rides is in stock. The height of which rank from1.5m to 10 m. You can set them in resort hotel, school, commercial, shopping mall, residential place. For your reference,double-decker merry go round stands as high as 8m in our company.

Dinis Antique Amusement Merry Go Round Kids Party Rides with Beautiful Decoration
Dinis Antique Amusement Merry Go Round Kids Party Rides with Beautiful Decoration

Technical Parameters for Dinis Carousel 

  • Area needed: 3m*5m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power: 2.2kw
  • Height: 3.5m
  • Capacity: 12 person

 What is the strength of hand painted antique merry go round for sale?

For antique merry go round for sale,lots of them applied hand-painted way. Every stroke they take is a carefully designed move. Hand-painted horses are normally vivid and have unique sense of art. Vintage horses usually have colorful designs that calls for meticulous layers of painting. Some of them are with freckles,some of them take forms from unicorn. All in common ,they both are painted well and vivid and harmonized with the general tone of the decoration.

 What kinds of vintage merry go round horses design can be?

You could  choose your vintage carousel figures from pigs, unicorn,sheep,dragon,sea horses,war horses and so on. You can feel free to choose from different styles of them at your heart’s will. Of course,any kind of animals or figures you wish to have, we accept customization. You could order the specification and size at the same time.

If you want some specific theme that connect with your culture or mythology,we will try our best to satisfy your needs and make sure the overall tone of which is congenial and pleasant. Yet there are something you should notice,if you have horse figurines that’s not on our company’s existing inventory list,you will have to pay for extra money for modelling.

Carousel horses are usually quite ornate with vivid colors and carved-in or molded-in accessories such as saddles, pads, bridles, cinches, breast collars, flowers, ribbons, and more. The designs are usually quite eye-catching with varying details. The horses are often depicted in dramatic poses, galloping at top speed with fiery expressions on their faces. A beautiful  carousel horse sometimes ornate with roses on the breast collar, a blue bridle and saddle pad. Its musculature was even delineated well. Carousels were representative of intricate, breathtaking works of kinetic art.

Kids antique Fairground Roundabout for Kindergartens, Squares and Stores
Kids antique Fairground Roundabout with unique horses designs

Details for 12 seat rounabout horse 

  • Capacity:12 seats
  • Power: 380v
  • Height: 4m
  • Diameter: 5m

 What is a full size carousel horses for sale

A carousel horse, also sometimes called a merry-go-round horse, is a full-sized horse made of wood, plastic, fiberglass, or some other material.

It’s important to know that “full size” means the carousel horse is a size that is rideable by children and/or average-sized adults,but that’s it’s not necessarily as large as a real horse.

Carousel horses are incredibly popular worldwide as part of an amusement park ride known as a carousel or merry-go-round. And how big is “full size”. Sizes among full-sized carousel horses do vary sometimes a lot. Loosely defined “full size” usually means a carousel horse the average adult can sit on and not feel like their size is overwhelming the carousel horse. However, some sellers might feel that a smaller carousel intended only for children can be considered full size, too. Make sure you know the size – in actual measurements of any carousel horse you might feel interested in.

 Wooden carousel vs.Fiberglass carousel

There are three main types of carousel horses: wood, metal, and fiberglass. Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Vintage carousel decoration details
Vintage carousel decoration details

Specifications for  outdoor merry go round

  • Capacity: 12/16 persons
  • Diameter: 5.5m
  • Height: 5.5m
  • Horse Loading: 120-150KG
  • Power: 4kw
  • Voltage: 220V/380V

Wood Carousel Horses

Wood carousel horses are the most traditional type of carousel horse and are usually hand-carved and painted. Lots of people usually consider these horses to be works of art. Some of which have passed decades to this day. Wood carousel horses can be very delicate, so they require extra care and protection from the elements. Wooden carousel horses have elegant artistic value. Some collectors are willing to pay a great deal of money for collection use.

 Metal anqitue Carousel Horses

Metal carousel horses are less common than wood or fiberglass carousels and are usually made from aluminum or brass. These horses are often very ornate and detailed. Metal carousel horses can be very heavy, so they require a sturdy base.

Fiberglass anique carousel horse

Fiberglass carousel horses are the most popular type of carousel horse and are lightweight and durable. These horses are often less expensive than wood or metal carousels. Fiberglass carousels are easy to maintain and can be used indoors or outdoors.

A handful of foreign companies, such as The Carousel Works, are bringing the art of the hand-carved wooden merry-go-round back. But the mold-made fiberglass carousels outnumber their unique artworksBecause thay are cheaper and quicker to produce.

Parts of Coin Operated Fiberglass Horse for Sale Manufactured by Dinis
Parts of Coin Operated Fiberglass Horse for Sale in antique styles Manufactured by Dinis

         Fiberglass carousel ride size details

  • Capacity: 3 or 6 seats
  • Diameter: 1.4 m or 2.1m
  • Equipment Height: 2.6 m or 2.8 m
  • Power: 500 w or 1.5 kw

What design could you point for your antique merry go round for sale?

First,you could determine the figures of your carousel horses, carousel vintage interior and the center pillar and cornice pattern. Include how to paint what size they are in. How to decorate every one of them and what do they look like and other details. And if you feel interested in any theme,we will make sure the horses and generally match with your given theme to design the ceiling,the rounding board and patterns on the pedestal and whatnot.

Also ,we will supply you different choice for wooden or aluminium checkered plate applied for chassis. If you feel interested in double-decker merry go round for sale ,you could choose the style the stairs on the second floor at the same time. We will send you the carousel vector when you need. We have professional R&D team to deliver a satisfying outcome for you.

The Customized Carousel Merry Go Round Rides are Available in Dinis Plan
The Customized Carousel Merry Go Round Rides with antiqueand floral patterns

Technical  figures of customized carousel rides

  • Voltage: 220v/380v
  • Power: 1.5kw/3.5kw/3kw/4kw
  • Area Size: 1.5m/5.5m
  • capacity: 3/6/12/24/36 Passengers

The quotation for vintage carousel for sale

According to different specification,the price of old-fashioned carousel varies from products to products. At an estimated figure,a 3seats carousel for children stands at $800.00-$1,600.00. A 16 seats vintage carousel sell at $10,000 to $6,0000. Our vintage carousel for sale design for different person,for example we have  3/6/12/16/24/36 seat capacity,and the quotation stand between $13,000. – $45,000.Of course,the quotation for different kinds differs widely.Here we only offer a rough range for you to refer. If you feel interested in our antique merry go round for sale,please remember to visit our website for more information. Feel free to get in touch with us. We are happy to offer you accurate quotation based on the place you plan to set your facility and our team will reply in 12 hours.

The strength and defects to buy your vintage carousel for sale near you.

Some customers prefer to buy facilities near themself. See it in the bright way,it does to some extent save some shipment fees and cut the time you spend on shipping and you could pay with your local money. Yet ,since transportation have become more and more convenient,the time you spend on waiting for products to come have shortened a lot. As long as you plan your time ahead of your opening,the shipment won’t postpone your plan and we  will wrap up our products intact and sound with plastic film. All FRP parts & Control Box packed with 3-5 layers good bubble film, spare parts packed in carton box; Also can be packed according to customers’ requirement. Steel part packed with bubble film & non-woven fabric.

Mature delivery process

Our delivery team load the goods according to packing list strictly in order to make sure every part ‘s existence. Our sales department will also charge all processing of loading and delivery, and send all necessary documents to customers in time. Normally we can finish them in around 1 month after payment. We have 20+years experience in manufacturing various of carousel over 15 years,and domestic and aboard customers highly commend our service. We could do the installation if you need it: Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipment to clear your concerns. Also,if you leverage foreign exchange,you could save some of your fund, so it could be a good chance for you to spend them on other needed place.

How can we choose a suitable antique carousel. The strength of hand painted merry go round carousel. The various designs for vintage merry go round horses for sale. The full size carousel horses’ definition. The difference for wooden carousel and fiberglass carousel.What design could you point for your antique merry go round for sale? The quotation for vintage carousel for sale. The strength and defects to buy your vintage carousel for sale near you. Hope you could find some useful information from it.

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