Carnival Train for Sale

Carnival train sets are suitable for carnivals,like circus, festival use. More and more clients are ordering the carnival train for sale from Dinis, as they find the charisma and popularity of the carnival train sets. Normally, you can find their existence in central park, shopping mall, amusement park and resorts. Track train sets gain wide acceptance from kids. From toddlers to children, both of them will be your frequent customers. Trackless train rides dominate the market for the convenience to move and won’t be constraint to certain operation venue. No matter what kinds of carnival train for sale you need, we have a vast array of different types for you to choose from. Feel free to contact us for detailed information and PDF introduction of our carnival trains inventory.

Different price range for carnival ride train

Notes: this price is a reference, detailed quotation, please contact us!

In Dinis, we produce train sets in various price range to satisfy the needs of clients who have different investment plan. So you can get train rides within your funds. Let us see some recommendation in different price range.

Train sets at $10,000 to $20,000

Shopping mall train for carnivals

Shopping mall train sets have two cargo carriages and three semi-close carriages. The locomotive are also designed in semi-close type. The locomotive size is 3300*1300*2200mm. The carriages are 2950*1340*2200mm. Max speed is 25 km/h. Normally, you can choose to increase or decrease the carriages attached to the locomotive. We can also customize the color of the train body to your needs. The capacity of the default train sets is at 24 people.(Customization Accepted). The price of the train sets here refer to the default train rides.

Christmas train display for indoor and outdoor use
Christmas train display for indoor and outdoor use


 There are colorful LED lights set on the outside of the train body. The train looks very attractive in nights. This is a very cost-effective train rides for you to choose from.  It is beautiful and reasonable at the same time. We set the megaphone on the train at the same,so you can communicate with the customers at the back seats.

Tourist trackless kids and adult electric train

This tourist trackless train sets also fall into this price range. The Locomotive Size is 2.7*1.1*1.95 m. The Cabin Size is L1.7* W1.1*1.95m. Power is at 2-3 KW. The operation voltage is 60 V. The default trains have four carriages attached to the locomotive. You can choose different colors at your will. It also take after the vintage steam train’s designs, so it is classic and elegant whenever customers lay their eyes on it. The driver can control the smoke system at the control cabin and the train can also produce the simulated train sound. All these designs can offer the customer groups more vivid riding experience. Both kids and adults feel impressive.

carnival train sets for outdoor use
carnival train sets for outdoor use

Train sets at $20,000 to $30,000

Luxury carnival electric steam trackless train for sale

The carnival trackless train sets for sale is suitable for resorts, amusement parks. It has large carriages so you can carry more people at one time. The seat is made of leather,which will offer more comfortable riding experience for customers. Even you pass through bad terrain, the customers won’t feel uncomfortable. The electric train rides share the vintage steam train’s shape, so they are eye-catching in everywhere. The train sets use FRP, steel for raw material. The automotive polished paint make the train quite shining and chic. Besides, they can notably resist water corrosion.

carriages of the train sets
carriages of the train sets

luxury sightseeing train for sale
luxury sightseeing train for sale

The operation voltage:is 220V/380V. Four cabins are attached to the locomotive. The speed of the luxury carnival train for sale is 7km/h. This train is suitable for family riding. Also, our factory offers 1 year warranty for you. The minimum turning radius(m) is 7 m. The carriage is half-closed, one side with long step have small doors for passengers to get on seats easily, the other side has no doors. Or both sides have doors. The carriage includes the turn lights, Color-changing lights and overhead lighting. The floor of the cabins are made of Flat Aluminum Plate. They are wear-resistant, non slip, easy to maintain.

How to choose a cost-effective carnival train rides for your amusement park?

Firstly, you should stick to your seed money. And choose among the train sets within the investment plan. If you are not sure of how much of these carnival train for sale, feel free to contact us, we will offer you the detailed quotation. If needed, we can select some types for you as long as you provide your fund. We will send you the products that suit your needs.
Some start up business owners might not have much money to buy expensive carnival train ride. You can consider to reduce the windows on the train rides and make it into semi-close cabins. Also, track train sets will incorporate the cost of track building. You can resort to trackless train rides, which will save you the extra costs on the track. Also, some train sets install leather seats, though comfortable it is, it might be pricey to purchase. So you can start with train rides with simple seats. Usually, the cabins attached to the locomotive are closely linked to the price of the train sets. So reduction of cabins can save you some money. Yet you should consider well before you decide that .
Reliable suppliers have years of production experience and can produce quality carnival train rides with relative low cost. Dinis is an amusement rides manufacturer who have decades of years experience for amusement rides. So we can make perfect combination of the quality and expenditures in a reasonable way. Dinis is situated in Henan province China. As a developing country, we have relative low cost for human labor and raw material purchasing. You can get a comparatively lower rides from China. What’ more, Dinis has reached cooperation with clients from international community every year. We have wide market all over the world. And have received lots of good reviews from our customers. There are some clients decide to order other hot sale kiddie rides: small carousel ride, kiddie ferris wheel again in our company after they bought one type of amusement rides from us. Because we can produce quality rides with the reasonable price.

In this passage,we talked about the different price range for carnival used train ride. And how to choose a cost-effective carnival train rides for your amusement park. Hope you feel enlightened from these information. Besides, if you want to buy other amusement equipment: carousel rides, swing ride, bumper car, go kart, inflatable castle, teacup ride, ferris wheel, roller coaster, and so on, please contact us. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send inquiries to us. We are poised to iron out your questions! Come and place your orders!

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