Small Merry Go Round for Sale

According to the parameter of the merry go round, small merry go round for sale is also one of the most popular merry go rounds among the investors for its relatively low cost and easiness to transport. Most people start their business with the accompany of the small merry go round.

Mini carousel rides has beautiful appearance and quaint electric ride shape. When the turntable is running, there are 3 horses, 4 horses or 6 horses rising and falling. The glittering colorful lights make up a beautiful pattern. When you ride on a horse or sit in a carriage, it is as if you are racing with thousands of horses in the wilderness. So it is popular with tourists. The children are unforgettable with it and get happy.

Apart from the large carousel that holds more people, small merry go round for sale also plays an important role in fun amusement rides of Dinis company. Our small carousel horses can take both children and adults’ weight. It can serve the same function as large horse rides do with easy to move physique. It accounts for a large market in carousel field, too. Don’t underestimate its ability to accumulate money for you.

3 seats carousel horse rides for your mobile business in the fair
3 seats carousel horse rides for your mobile business in the fair

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Indoor places

If you are planning to set the small merry go round indoor place, such as shopping mall. Small coin op merry go round could be a good choice. There are lots of investors place a small merry go round in shopping mall. Because the human flow is assured in big shopping mall. Kids find it hard to resist the temptation of small merry go round when their parents take them threading through shopping center. By seeing the beautiful carousel that let out music to the accompaniment of the rhythmical lights, they will be itching for it. Also, the big shopping center is big enough to place small merry go round. You needn’t worry about the height limitation. With crowding customer flow, small merry go rounds will retrieve your investment in faster speed. And return on investment will be quicker.

Outdoor places

If you plan to place your carousel horse in outdoor place. Amusement park, fairground, funfair, backyard, zoo or botanical garden is also a nice choice for you. Small merry go rounds are easy to move and assembly because of its small size. For outdoor carousel owners, we believe that it serves you as a good partner for outdoor business.

Usually, our company has lots of targeted small merry go round for outdoor and indoor using. The diameter of which is 1.4-2.2m. It won’t take much of your venue. You can easily fit a small merry go round in your amusement park or funfair. Because of its small size, the power of the mechanical ride is 500-800w. The speed of it is at 2m per second.

small vintage moving galloper for sale
small vintage moving galloper for sale
cute indoor animal 3 horse kids carousel for sale
cute indoor animal 3 horse kids carousel for sale

Designs of the Small Merry Go Round for Sale in Dinis Factory

Attractive merry go round has never fail to attract customers’ attention. Our company, Dinis, has various designs and themes for small merry go round for sale, such as ocean-themed merry go round. It is painted in blue for background with some sea stars and other sea creatures mounted on the carousel. Even though it can only accommodate 3-6 person, yet its mechanism works the same with the big merry go round ride. It is also equipped with beautiful cornice, the center pillar and its horses are designed in cartoon sea creatures like sea horses, seals. In addition to this mini carousel, we also have other designs for small carousel horse ride. If you are interested, welcome to send inquiry to us for more information. And our staffs will send you relative quote according to your needs for different size.

Crafts for production of small carousel

The small merry go rounds are painted in different color. Basically the carousel horses are in line with the overall tone of the small carousel for sale. The paint we used is famous and old-line Chinese brand from 3 trees. We apply several layers of fiberglass and resin adhesive. Then polish them attentively to remove the blurs. Following that we varnish the ponies. Then come out after being painted in the paint booth. The surface is very smooth and flat. Then it becomes not easy to fade. Then putty powder will be smeared several times and varnish for painting preparation, so that painting will be more glossy and shinning and not easy to crack irrespective of the sunshine and rain.

Buy New new Amusement Park Coin Operated Carousel Rides for Sale from Dinis Factory
Buy New new Amusement Park Coin Operated Carousel Rides for Sale from Dinis Factory

  • Occasion:indoor commercial amusement park, trampoline park, sports park, adventure park, kids café, shopping mall, resort hotel, kids hospital, airport, etc.
  • Type:Carousel, Indoor, Outdoor
  • Material:Steel, FiberGlass, FRP+steel
  • Capacity:3 or 6 seats
  • Diameter:1.4 m or 2.1m
  • Equipment Height:2.6 m or 2.8 m
  • Power:500 w or 1.5 kw
  • Color:White or pink
  • Operate time:3 minutes or adjustable
  • Warranty:1 year free maintance, support technolog support for long-life

Capacity specification

There are 3/6/9/12 falls into the category of small merry go round rides. You can choose according to your fund.

Top-drive and down-drive carousel

Basically, simple carousel are down-drive carousel. But we also accept customization.

Horses and carriages

If you need replace the horses into carriages, we could replace two carousel horses into one carriage.

First, for a starter, if you are not affluent enough to buy large ones carousel, the smaller ones are a good choice for you to choose. It can serve as your seed capital to accumulate more money. Small merry go round has more optimistic return on investment. Lots of business owner start a business at first with small merry go round. We believe with right marketing skills, you can retrieve your investment in next to no time. By the time you achieve capital accumulation, you can expand your business scale and make profit out of it.

Our company has 3/6/9 seat rotating horses for sale. We accept customization according to your need. The occasion it can fit is shopping mall, resort hotel, zoo,botanical garden and so on. The diameter is around 1.5-2.2m,the height of which is 2-2.5meter. The speed of small size carousel ride is around 0.8m/s. The needed voltage is 220v.

Dinis new style ocean merry go round for sale
Dinis new style ocean merry go round for sale

  • Occasion:shopping mall, commercial, resort hotel
  • Material:FiberGlass, Steel, FRP&Steel
  • Max Capacity:>500kg
  • Type:Indoor, Outdoor
  • Allowable Passenger:>10
  • Product name:children amusement theme park devices
  • Voltage:220v/380v
  • Power:1.5kw/3.5kw/3kw/4kw
  • Area Size:1.5m/5.5m
  • capacity:6/12/16/24/36 Passengers
  • Color:As picture or customized
  • Warranty:12 mouths
  • Certificate:ISO CE

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Diameter Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx1.5m 220v/380v/customized 500w 0.8m/s 1.4m Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ3mx3m 220v/380v/customized 1.1kw 0.8m/s 3.3m Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ6.5mx6.5m 220v/380v/customized 3kw 0.8m/s 5.3m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
16 Seats Φ8mx8m 220v/380v/customized 3.3kw 0.8m/s 6m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
24 Seats Φ9mx9m 220v/380v/customized 6kw 1.0m/s 8m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
36 Seats Φ10mx10m 220v/380v/customized 7kw 1.0m/s 9.5m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission
double deck Φ10m*10m 220v/380v/customized 6kw 0.8m/s 8m Upper/Lower/Imitation Transmission

Our company boasts a large market coverage. According to the data from our deal transaction,we have nailed deals with customers from South America, North America, Central America, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. We have a global shipping service to assure your goods can be ship to every corner of the globe. For us, location is not a problem. If you have partner to ship your goods together, the shipment can get a discount. For more information,you could contact with our customer service. They are more than happy to offer you help.

What Types of Small Merry Go Round for Sale Do We Have in Our Company?

General speaking, we have carnival carousel ride, vintage merry go round, European small carousel, park luxury carousel, coin-operated carousel for sale, kiddie carousel ride, and some others. And the ocean-themed carousel we have talked about in the passage. Certainly, there are all kinds of carousel merry go round rides for sale in our company. If you want to know more details, please contact us!

Vintage merry go round

The vintage merry go round is designed in classic way that traditional ponies rotate and bob up and down, generating a vibe of reminiscent of past. In addition, the color of our antique carousel horses can be customized according to your requirement.

Dinis brand vintage holiday carousel at reasonable price
Dinis brand vintage holiday carousel at reasonable price

European merry go round

The European small merry go round for sale is designed with many European elements, like jewelry flowers and European column standing in the center. The surrounding lights are twinkling along with the movement of carousel.

Outdoor and indoor small merry go round European cornice designs
Outdoor and indoor small merry go round European cornice designs

Semi-luxury small carousel

The semi-luxury small carousel is modeled after large luxury carousels, just in different size. They have beautiful cornices and decorations as well. Comparing with the large ones, it could save lots of money but maintain the gorgeous appearance at the same time. Therefore, it is a good choice for you if you are interested in luxury carousel horse for sale, such as double-decker merry go round ride yet lack of enough money.

Luxury merry go round in medium size
Luxury merry go round in medium size

Coin-op carousel ride

The coin-operated carousel is also a well sought-after products by the investors. Because it can maintain a good source of customers. Coin-operated carousel can profit without owner’s presence. It is convenient for you when you have some other facilities to tend. As long as you place one coin-operated carousel at needed venue, it can operate well and bring you stable earning. And our coin-operated merry go round is both cheap and sturdy. It is a good choice for you to invest.

Dinis Coin Operated Animal Pony Carnival Carousel Horse Rides for Squares, Stores
Dinis Coin Operated Animal Pony Carnival Carousel Horse Rides for Squares, Stores

Our company has lots of different designs for different themes. If you are interested in us, please visit our company website to see more of them. By the way, our factory is a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, so we design and produce all fairground rides. These include carousel merry go round, self control plane, flying chair ride, ferris wheel, teacup ride, trackless train ride, electric train ride, inflatable castle, bumper car, disco tagada, jumping kangaroo ride, pendulum ride, pirate ship, and so on.

In today’s passage, we have introduce you some information about small merry go round rides. Things related to how do we choose small merry go round? Why do we choose small merry go round for sale? What’s your specification for small merry go round? Where can you ship your products to?What types of small carousel do you have in your company? Hope you can find some useful aspects to your questions and needs. If you have any questions, welcome to let us know.

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