How to maintain the battery of the train in winter?

In the cold winter season,to maintain the battery of electric sightseeing trains is of paramount importance. Regarding the maintenance of lithium batteries, we should pay attention to the following points:

Charge in noon

The temperature of the charging environment should be higher. The ambient temperature for charging the battery of the sightseeing train is 25°C. Now most chargers do not adapt to the automatic control system of the ambient temperature. But the temperature in winter can not reach this temperature. So when we are charging the sightseeing train, do it in the noon when temperature is high.

electric sightseeing train sets for outdoor use
electric sightseeing train sets for outdoor use

Remain stable drive speed

Drive the small sightseeing train at a constant speed. When driving the small sightseeing train, you should accelerate slowly and start. And avoid violent driving methods such as rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turning, and sudden braking. Good driving habits, for fuel vehicles, can reduce fuel consumption and the loss of brake pads. And for electric sightseeing trains, it can effectively reduce the speed of brake pad loss and battery power consumption.

Charge while the battery is hot

The electric train should be charged while it is hot. Due to the low temperature in winter, when the power battery cell is lower than 0 degrees Celsius, the system will automatically heat the battery cell first, and when the temperature of the battery cell reaches 5 degrees Celsius. At this time, it is really time to start charging the vehicle. Since the battery of the electric sightseeing train vehicle is still hot after use, charging the vehicle at this time can reduce the time for heating the battery.

detailed informations for amsuement electric train

Occasion:shopping mall, resort hotel, residential, commercial, home, indoor commercial amusement park

Material:FiberGlass, Steel, FRP+steel

Max Capacity:>500kg

Type:Indoor, Outdoor

Allowable Passenger:>10

Product name:electric tourist trackless train amusement park

Capacity:15/20/40 persons





Avoid excessive battery consumption

There is no need to unplug the battery when parking: after entering September, the temperature in the north is very low, and the scenic spot begins to enter the off-season. Due to the lack of tourists in the scenic spot, the electric sightseeing train is useless, because when parking, the vehicle circuit system also exists Weak current consumption, leaving the vehicle standing for a long time will cause the battery to run out. Therefore, for small trains that are not used for a long time, the battery should be pulled out to avoid excessive battery power consumption.

In this passage,we talked about how to maintain the battery of electric train. Hope you find it useful when maintaining train sets.

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