Mall Fun Carousel Kiddie Ride to Columbia

As a leading carousel manufacturer in China, our company recently had the privilege of collaborating with a Colombian mall client, Diego, to create a 16-seat carousel specifically designed for the mall’s central atrium space. The successful delivery of this project not only reinforced our influence in the international market but also provided us with valuable experience in overseas partnerships. Here are the details on this mall fun carousel kiddie ride to Columbia for your reference.

Why Did Diego Want Add a Kiddie Carousel Horse Ride to His Mall?

In the Colombian market, the development trend of amusement facilities and family entertainment habits are changing. Local families’ demand for leisure and entertainment is growing. And malls are increasingly becoming integrated centers for both shopping and leisure. It makes high-quality amusement facilities key to enhancing the mall’s appeal.

Diego managed a medium-size shopping mall. So he aimed to install a horse carousel ride in the mall atrium to attract family visitors, enhancing the entertainment value and customer experience of the mall. Understanding that children and their families are the core user group for this merry go round ride, we invested considerable effort in the design to create a safe and enjoyable play environment.

pink cartoon characters carousel
pink cartoon characters carousel

What Did Mall Fun Carousel Kiddie Ride to Columbia Look Like?

Mall carousel capacity

Diego told us that he planned to place the kiddie ride to the mall atrium and wanted a full size carousel for sale that is fit for the mall. After knowing his needs and spatial characteristics of the mall atrium, we gave him our advice. A 16-seat amusement park carousel was a good choice. It could not only increase capacity during the peak times, but also facilitate family members enjoying the experience together.

Voltage of the ride

Electrical standard in Colombia is 110 V. However, this 16-seat carousel kiddie ride is 380V. Diego was concerned about the voltage. But actually, a step-up transformer can solve the problem. So don’t worry about that. Any concern you have about the product, contact us. We are capable to solve your problems.

Custom carousel

Diego asked if we offer bespoke service because he wanted to add the mall’s logo to the carrousel. Of course we can do that. We skillfully integrated the mall’s branding and personalized design into the overall design of the carousel according to Diego’s needs.

Successful Project Outcomes

Thanks to our team’s relentless efforts and meticulous manufacturing, the customized 16-seat carousel was successfully completed and put into operation in Diego’s mall atrium. Our equipment won over the hearts of children and the market alike. Since the operation of the carousel, the mall has seen a significant increase in foot traffic. Additionally, customer satisfaction and loyalty among family visitors have steadily improved. For our company, this project is not just a case of commercial success but also a strong testament to our manufacturing expertise and customer service level.

In summary, the project of DInis Mall Fun Carousel Kiddie Ride to Columbia is a successful milestone for our company in the overseas market. We created unique amusement installations for specific commercial spaces in Columbian mall. Therefore, we have not only met the needs of our clients but also set a new industry benchmark for ourselves.

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