Fair Merry Go Round

Merry go round is a classic signature for different kinds of fair. As a commercial amusement rides,many investors would like to purchase. It is widely liked by kids,adults and couples.

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Fair Definition

Daily Check

Carousel Models

Paint Strength

FAQ for Carousel

Fair Definition

What is a Fair?

The word fair has different meanings in different regions. It can be described generally as a gathering of people for various entertainment or commercial activities. There are different types of fairs:

Street Fairs: Street fairs are usually held on the main road of a neighborhood; they have booths that produce goods or transmit information. Some street fairs have live music and dance demonstrations as well as parades and carnival rides.

County Fair: Also known as agricultural shows, these are public events that display animals, sports,equipment, recreation associated with animal husbandry and agriculture.

Your State Fair: This is often a large version of country fairs.
Trade fair: Trade fair is an exhibition that allows organizations in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their newest products and services and explore recent market trends and opportunities.

Basically, fairs tend to have a large quantity of people, so that it can ensure a stable source of costumers. Usually the fair could last for a period of time, if you clasp at the chance, you can achieve great gains at this golden time.

Dinis kiddie merry go round customized design for indoor use
Dinis kiddie merry go round customized design for fair use
Daily Check

Special attentions before start your carousel facility

You should do the checks before running every day, and keep track of check records.

The test machine should be run for no less than 2 times before business operation. After confirming that everything is normal, the machine can be opened for business.

The main contents of the daily safety inspection are as follows:

Whether the fastening nuts are loose or fall off;

Observe whether there is deformation from the outside. And are there any cracks damage signs on the carousel.

Whether the motor switch is sensitive and reliable.

If the action of the upper and lower parts of the horse pole is good;

Whether there is any abnormal smell and sound;

If the temperature rise of the motor is normal;

Whether the power cord is loose, and whether the electrical indication is normal;

If the rolling bearing is lubricated and examine the rolling bearing. Whether the temperature rise is normal.And whether the wear condition deteriorates;

Whether the main welds have abnormal conditions such as cracks and openings;

If the joint bearing under the horse rod shaft and the shaft joint are cracked or damaged;

Whether there is any abnormalities in the fixing frame under the horse;

Carousel Models

Portable carousel for sale

In most places of the world,the fair usually last in certain limited time. It means you will have to retreat your carousel rides when the fair ends. In this connection,portable fair merry go rounds have exceeding strengths. It can be moved with ease.So it is more recommendable for fair assembly.


  • Capacity: 12P
  • Space area: Dia 6m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power: 2.2KW
  • Speed: 5r/min
  • Height: 3.7m


Outdoor Ocean Medium-size Park Merry Go Round with 12 or 16 Seats for Kids
Outdoor Ocean Medium-size Park Merry Go Round with 12 or 16 Seats for Kids

coin-operated carousel ride

Coin-opt carousel ride is cute and easy to move facility.Usually it is welcomed by children.With attractive and cartoon-like figures on the pole,children are interested in them. Colorful LED lights plays with rhythmical music that you could download some children’s song yourselves.It can garner lots of profits without doubt.

  • Material: Plastic, Fiberglass
  • Allowable Passenger:<6
  • Max Capacity:100-500kg
  • Size:Dia2.1m*H2.5m
  • Weight:150kg
  • Player:3 Player
  • Power:350W
  • Voltage:110V/220V
  • Warranty:12 Months



Coin Operated Horse Kiddie Rides for Supermarkets
Coin Operated Horse Kiddie Rides for Supermarkets

Outdoor carousel for sale

For some fairs set in open ground,we have outdoor carousel for you.Our outdoor fair merry go round are made of sturdy fiberglass material and water-proof paint.It can stand weather beaten.We are committed to manufacture up-to-standard carousel rides and never stop chasing better quality. We use the leading brand in China 3trees paint.

  • Max Capacity:100-500kg, >500kg
  • Allowable Passenger:<5,  5-10,  >10
  • Product name:Carousel rides for sale
  • Size:5.8*5.8*3.2m
  • Voltage:220/380v
  • Power:4 kw
  • Passenger:16 persons
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Height:4m
  • Cover Area:7.5*7.5m

Kids antique Fairground Roundabout for Kindergartens, Squares and Stores
Kids antique Fairground Roundabout for Kindergartens, Squares and Stores

Carnival carousel for sale

Carnival carousel is suitable for big convention.They are designed for big assembly.They are beautiful in decoration and design.There are various themes foe you to choose from.For example,ocean-themed fair merry go round,Christmas-themed carousel rides,vintage fair merry go round,and luxurious carousel.All of them are widely welcomed by our clients.

  • Max Capacity:>500kg
  • Allowable Passenger:>10
  • Area diameter:12 m
  • Height:8.0 m,or customized
  • Capacity:36 persons
  • Power:7.0 kw
  • Voltage:380V
  • Speed:1.9 m/s
  • Warranty: worklife, only 1st year for free


Dinis Roundabout fair Equipment is the Primary Selection for Investors
Dinis Roundabout fair Equipment is the Primary Selection for Investors

Paint Strength

Paint’s strength

  1. Three tree latex paint is a very environmentally friendly paint. It use water as the dispersion medium, no organic solvent.
  2. The color is soft, the paint film is hard, the surface is smooth. The appearance is comfortable, and the color is bright and soft. Strong color adhesion.
  3. Fast drying speed. At 25℃, the surface can turn dried within 30 minutes and completely dried in about 120 minutes.

Also,we use paint baking craft. The paint film of the baking paint is smooth, flat. Its color is salient, and not easy to fall off. It is resistant to dirt and water and complicated in craft. After being painted several times it will go to the baking room. What’s more, every time it adds one more layer.

FAQ for Carousel

Small machine and spare partspacked in bubble film, stretch film and multi-plywood box.

Also could packing according to customers’ requests.

20ft container/ 40ft container

Package: We usually use 3-5 layers good bubble films to pack products or we pack goods according to customers’ requirement.

Delivery/Shipping: Our delivery team load the goods according to packing list strictly in order to make sure every part is present. Our sales department will also charge all processing of loading and delivery, and send all necessary documents to customers in time.




How to clean your merry go round?

It does not matter if it is an indoor carousel ride, the dust or dirt can be still on it. However, the cleaning of an indoor carousel ride totally depends upon the material that factory use while manufacturing it.

If your indoor carousel ride is made of fiberglass or plastic then cleaning with soap & water or diluted detergent is the best. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse it with water and dry it with a cloth. Also, if you want to make your ride shine then you can rub a wax chunk over it.

NOTE: do not clean wires or metallic parts with soap or detergent, instead use a brush.

In this passage, we talked about what is a fair?Special attentions before turn on your carousel. How to ship our products to your country? How to clean your merry go round? Hope these information we bring up to you is helpful for your operation,repair,shipping and care of your merry go round rides. For more information,please feel free to contact us.

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