Electric Train Set for Adults

Electric train sets cover a quite large proportion of market share in train rides industry. Basically, the electric train rides have different target customers. Some train sets are designed for kids. Some are for adults. Besides, parents can share the rides with their kids, which makes it a perfect family entertainment rides. In Dinis, we supply electric train sets in different specification and size. No matter what products you need, we have relative products for you to choose from with out decades of production experience and analysis of amusement rides market. We have been committed to manufacturing quality and cost-effective entertainment rides for years. And manage to reach deals with international and domestic clients each year. Our patrons come from different countries and continents. The cooperation ties are sturdy and trustworthy.

Why do you choose our electric rides for sale?

Expert in amusement rides manufacturing

Firstly, in terms of train rides manufacturing, we have decades of years experience. We have a large production factory covering 20,000 square meters and a specialized workshop of 18,000 square meters.

Specialized workshop for train rides production

We provide global barrier-free service, butler transportation, door-to-door delivery, installation, commissioning, technical training service. In our factory,we have compartmentalized workshop, such as FRP production room, constant temperature dust free painting room, welding workshop as well as fiberglass polishing room.

Dinis workshop display
Dinis workshop display

Satisfying reviews from international and domestic clients

Our company incorporates two group of service teams. Now we have gained progress in both foreign and domestic transaction. Over the years,we have managed to tie transaction ties with clients from different continents, from south America, north America,central America, Africa and middle west, Asian. There are many clients choose to re-purchase our products since they have bought entertainment rides from our company. We welcome foreign clients to come to visit our factory. We also have a exhibition room to display completed amusement rides.

clients’ visiting to Dinis factory

Reliable raw material selection

Lithium titanate power battery

Good safety and stability. Once the traditional carbon electrode is overcharged after lithium intercalation, metal lithium is easy to precipitate on the surface of the electrode, and it will react with the electrolyte to produce flammable gas, which brings safety hazards. The potential of lithium titanate is higher than that of pure metal lithium, it is not easy to generate lithium crystal dendrites, and the discharge voltage is stable, and thus the safety performance of lithium batteries is improved.

Fast charging performance. Compared with carbon anode materials, lithium titanate battery packs have a higher lithium ion diffusion coefficient and can be charged and discharged at high rates.

Long cycle life Lithium titanate battery has outstanding advantages compared with the current lithium iron phosphate battery pack that can be used for up to 5 years with slow charge and up to 2 years with fast charge.

Good wide temperature resistance. The spinel structure of the lithium titanate battery has a three-dimensional lithium ion diffusion channel, so the performance of the lithium titanate battery is also very good in high and low temperature performance. The lithium titanate battery has good wide temperature resistance and durability. It can be charged and discharged normally at minus 50°C to minus 60°C.

Fiberglass polishing room
Fiberglass polishing room

FRP material +steel

FRP material is a common material used for amusement rides production these days. Dinis amusement rides have good performance in corrosion-resistance and flexibility. So it can be shaped into various forms. AIt is lightweight material yet has high strength. In terms of steel,we perform anti-rust crafts on it and use water-resistance paint that designed for cars’ painting. The frame of sightseeing train is steel. Our factory use laser cutting machine to cut steel material and render the steel frame smooth and flat without blurs.

Hot sale electric train set for adults near me

Electric train sets are quite popular in all kinds of occasions. You can see their existence in resorts,shopping mall,big plaza, residential near you. Electric train sets for adults is a kind of train in bigger specification. Usually, adults can enjoy them with kids, too.

Electric sightseeing train set for adults

Sightseeing train rides are common amusement rides that you can see in parks and resorts near you. It is a popular entertainment enjoyment for adults to please themselves in leisure time. People can enjoy the park train sets while appreciate the scenery. As a parents, you can take your kids with you to ride the train set at the same time. It is a good space for family time.

People should every now and then get in touch with natural since now most people are caught up in screen time, either for work ,or for fun. When they go out for some natural fun, they will inevitably think about to resorts or public park. These places are all available for sightseeing train sets. So don’ t hesitate to buy one for your business! The sightseeing train rides have soft leather seat, so customers will find it quite comfortable to ride. For driver, there are reverse gear for them to easily back the car.

car internal anatomy
different sections of Dinis sightseeing train set
different sections of Dinis sightseeing train set

Indoor electric adults train rides

This is a vintage design train sets. It has a steam train locomotive. The cabins attached  to it is about at 3 or 4. You can increase or decrease it at your own will. It can accommodate as many as 20-24 people. The cabins on the train is semi-close style. There are no windows glass on the train sets, yet if you wish to add glass on it, it is also acceptable here at the same time. The mini train also can be equipped with simulated smoke steam spray device. Electric train rides is our best selling product, it can be made track or trackless.

Occasion:shopping mall, resort hotel, residential, commercial, home

Material:FiberGlass, high quality FRP+steel

Type:Indoor, Outdoor

Allowable Passenger:>10

Product name:indoor mini kids electric train

capacity:20/24 seats

Locomotive Size:2.7*1.1*1.95 m

Cabin Size:L1.7* W1.1*1.95m

power:2-3 KW

voltage:60 V

Christmas electric train sets for sale

The Christmas electric train sets design under the theme of Christmas. It adopts classic Christmas color combination. And We have different electric trackless and track train. Trackless train is consists of a locomotive and passenger carriages, can hold 14 to 40 children and adults in totally. In addition, trackless train also can be equipped with smoke steam spray device,real sound, half closed cabin/carriage,etc.

Tourist trackless train can use battery power and diesel power, which depends on the condition of the road and environment. What’s more, you can choose wood material for the trains’ building . It is suitable for set in theme park, amusement park and shopping mall. The colorful LED lights on the trains’ body make rhythmical movement, creating dreamy vibe for Christmas. It is suitable for young couples to spend vacations dating. You can add some Christmas mistletoe and other Christmas vibe elements to make the train has richer festival attributes.

carriages of Christmas trains
Christmas train sets for indoor use

In this passage,we talked about the information about train set for adults. It includes why do you choose our electric rides for sale? Reliable raw material selection. Hot sale electric train set for adults near me. Hope you find useful information from it.  Certainly, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’ are more than happy to solve it as soon as possible.

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