Irrepressible Reasons to Own a Coin-opt Carousel Horse Ride

Coin-opt carousel in Dinis has always been popular among investors for its small footprint rather cheaper price for investment and easy to operate, assembly and disassembly. It can be widely applied into various of occasions. Hope you can find a satisfying coin-opt carousel horse ride in Dinis.

 Small footprint

As a representative of the small amusement rides, coin-opt carousel horse ride is small in size. It means that coin-opt carousel horse ride is easy to move to any operation venue. Three or two people can accomplish the assembly and disassembly without difficulties. If you are a amusement ride owners who tend to bring your rides to different carnivals, the coin-opt carousel can be a good helper as it won’t occupy much place when you do the transportation. It is one the most iconic portable carousel rides we supply.

3 horse small merry go round baby children
3 horse small merry go round baby children

Cheap price

Given that coin-opt carousel horse ride has a rather small figure, so they needn’t to use much material in production. Accordingly,it costs you less money than other carousels. Besides, the delivery expenditures cost on it will be cheap. Coin-opt carousel horse ride can be a start for you to earn seed money to buy more expensive ones. It is a good commercial carousel to accumulate money. Since the investment is reasonable,so you can retrieve the investment in faster speed. The return on investment is quicker as well. It is suitable for amusement ride owners who is a beginner.

Wide customer adaptability

The coin-opt carousel might small in size, yet it can take people who are at 60-80kg, which means that it is capable of carrying the weight of an adult.

 Good helper to earn extra money

As coin-opt carousel can operate without the presence of the business owner,many stores or residential is a good place to set. As long as the coin is put into the slot, the coin-opt carousel will start to operate. For some business owners who are busy, it can serve as an auxiliary to earn money. You don’t even need to be at present.

Dinis Animal Coin Operated Merry Go Round with 3 Seats
Dinis Animal Coin Operated Merry Go Round with 3 Seats

 Good birthday gifts for kids

Some customers have bought a coin-opt carousel for their kids’ birthday and put them in backyard. In this way, kids can play the carousel whenever they want at home. In the Internet era, many kids attach to their phone everyday, which do harm to their eyes. Some outdoor activities might help to ease this phenomenon. Besides,we can customize the carousel for your kids and make this present become the only one in this world. We believe it is the most sincere and unique gifts for your kids. We can paint the carousel into color that your kids like and print his or her name on the carousel. What’s more, the images and decoration can be designated to your needs. For example, we can print your kids favourite cartoon characters or your family pictures on it to make it special.

Do these reasons enough for you to own a coin-opt carousel? Coin-opt carousel will never be out of date. It is an iconic ride in resort, shopping mall, amusement park, kindergarten and so on. It can perfectly fit into different occasions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send inquires. We will solve your problems as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Place your order at now, you will get some discounts since we are on the big promotion. So come and contact us,hope we can make a good cooperation!

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