The ferris wheel is a classic amusement park equipment in amusement parks, theme parks, playgrounds, fairgrounds, recreation centers and fun centers. Although the ferris wheel may not be so exciting, it still occupies an important position in the amusement industry. Speaking of the top 5 popular amusement park rides, the carnival ferris wheel will be definitely on the list. Thus, for the amusement park owners or other investors, the ferris wheel for sale is a good selection to enhance the business. Dinis group is a top amusement park equipment manufacturer that commits itself to the production and development of various kinds of amusement park equipment big wheels. Do you have any requirement in the amusement park wheel?

Low-price Amusement Observation Wheel Rides Displayed in Dinis Plant
Low-price Amusement Observation Wheel Rides Displayed in Dinis Plant

What is ferris wheel?

The ferris wheel is a great entertainment equipment consisting of a rotating wheel with several passenger-carrying components attached to the rim of wheels. The components generally contain passenger cars, cabins, gondolas, etc. Under the function of gravity, the cabins will keep upright. Passengers on the wheels could enjoy the beautiful scenery from a height. The amusement equipment ferris wheel also has other names, including big wheel, observation wheel, fair amusement wheel, etc. It belongs to a kind of rotating gravity-oriented amusement ride. Nowadays, the big wheel ride even is a romantic spot for almost all the lovers. Currently, you can easily find the giant ferris wheel in carnivals, funfairs, playgrounds, amusement parks, recreation centers, etc. For carnival applications, Dinis amusement rides machinery also deisgn carnival carousel horse rides for clients who want to run their enetertainment business.

The Rotating Gravity-oriented Amusement Ride, Kiddie Ferris Wheel Toy Game for Sale in Dinis
The Rotating Gravity-oriented Amusement Ride, Kiddie Ferris Wheel Toy Game for Sale in Dinis

Where can you buy a ferris wheel ride for sale?

Dinis Amusement Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading ferris wheel manufacturers in China. It has devoted itself to the production and development of various types of theme park equipment, such as roller coaster, ferris wheel, as well as children’s amusement theme park rides. As a professional amusement ride supplier, Dinis could develop multiple models of giant wheel sets. We spare no efforts to produce the high-quality carnival rides that can meet the requirements of customers. During the production process, our company adopts high-quality materials and uses advanced craftsmanship.

Except for big wheel ride, Dinis also has mini ferris wheel rides, backyard ferris wheel, double ferris wheel for sale, etc. All the ferris wheel products can be in different sizes and themes. If you have specific requirements or the specific drawings, the company can make the customized products to meet your satisfaction. Moreover, as a direct sales company, the company sells the amusement giant wheel at reasonable prices. Thus, if you have any need for fairy wheel, Dinis is the optimal choice for you.

Classification of Dinis hot sale ferris wheel carnival ride

For different purpose and different venue usage, Dinis could offer various models of classic ferris wheel equipment at cheap prices for customers.

Kiddie ferris wheel for small children in kindergartens, indoor recreation centers, etc.

Generally, in order to fit children, there are many kids amusement rides, including children toy ferris wheel for sale. The kids ferris wheel is always little ferris wheel. It can be usually applied in playgrounds, fairgrounds, amusement parks, theme parks, kindergartens, residential districts and other indoor and outdoor places. The kids ferris wheel equipment is decorated with exquisite design and colorful LED lights. As for kids amusement rides, the company also manufactures kiddie spinning horse rides for customer reference.

On the ride, children could have fresh experience and enjoy the scenery from a certain height. Besides, it is a spinning family ride that allows parents to take the ride with their children. Thus, it is also helpful to narrow the distance and enhance the affection between parents and kids.

hot selling novel theme ferris wheel for kids
hot selling novel theme ferris wheel for kids

Double ferris wheel fun fair rides with greater capacity in Dinis

double side ferri wheel kids ride with 12 cabins
double side ferri wheel kids ride with 12 cabins

Double carnival ferris wheel for sale is also a kind of kiddie amusement ride. But it is comparatively a new ferris ride in Dinis, the top ferris wheel manufacturer in China. The equipment has 12 cabin totally. Thus, it can approximately hold 48 people. On the cabins, players could clearly enjoy the great vision. And the speed is slow. They could be very relaxing during the process. Of course, the specific appearance can be customizable according to your specific requirements.

Big ferris wheel equipment for amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, etc.

The amusement big wheels consists of a big wheel and two column supports. This equipment has exquisite design and colorful lights. Thus, it is quite fascinating at night. In many amusement parks and theme parks, the big wheel entertainment and carnival carousel ride are the most romantic entertainment rides. Many lovers and family members are willing to take this fair amusement ride. Thus, if you have the plan to invest in one playground ride, the romantic ferris wheel is a reasonable investment project.
If you want other kinds of sweet ferris wheel for sale, you can directly contact Dinis for high-quality model ferris wheel for sale.

Big Wheel Equipment in Amusement Parks and Theme Parks
Big Wheel Equipment in Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

How much does a ferris wheel cost to buy in Dinis ferris wheel factory?

Dinis, the reliable ferris wheel manufacturer in China, is a company that puts the customers’ interests in the first place. Rather than pursuing the short-term interests, our company spares no efforts to reach a long-term cooperative relationship with all the customers. Thus, Dinis factory is willing to provide high-quality antique ferris wheel for sale at reasonable prices. Besides, with our own factory, the customers don’t need to pay the agency fees. To sum up, in terms of the similar amusement ferris wheel rides, you only need low costs to buy a ferris wheel equipment.

kids ferris wheel spinning ride main parts
kids ferris wheel spinning ride main parts

Application of entertainment ferris wheel rides

For different venues, you can select different ferris wheel sizes. Generally, you can place ferris wheel amusement rides in amusement parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, funfairs, and as well as parks, squares and backyards. With the use of this popular rotating observation wheel, you can make great profits. Are you willing to buy the fun ferris wheel ride? Please contact Dinis now! You will get reply as soon as possible.

Besides, we provide you other amusement equipment for you, including bumper car, electric train ride, ride on train ride, self control plane, roller coaster, flying chair, merry go round ride, inflatable castle, disco tagada, and so on. These amusement park rides are high quality and affordable.  Knowing more details and price list, please contact us!

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