How to Choose Indoor carousel horse ride?

Indoor carousel horse rides refer to a group carousels that could set in places like shopping mall, airport, theme park, park, resort, home. They are preferred by amusement facility owner because indoor carousel horse ride could save them exertion to maintain and repair facility ailments that bring by weather wearing from rain and wind influence. Also, investors can reduce the influence from weather. Since, indoor carousel in shopping mall can bring more delightful experience in hot summer days or cold winner days, which of course will bring you stable inflow of customers.

By knowing all these strength, we can’t help thinking how to choose one reliable indoor carousel horse rides. In this context , we are happy to offer you some advice for you to consider before you place an order.

Capacity for indoor carousel rides

First thing you should be considering is how big your carousel horse rides you are going to need. We have small medium and large indoor carousel horse for sale. Small carousel horse  capacity stands at 3/6 seats. Medium ones’ capacity stand at 12/16. Large ones capacity stand at 24/36. Of course, we accept customization to change the capacity to your satisfaction. So tell we about your needs, we will try our best to design it for you. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

3/6 seat carousel

3/6 seat carousel horse ride is suitable for any kind of situation for its cute and easy to move physique. You could set them inside your store. Coin-opt ones are especially convenient for store or shopping mall owners because they could operate without your presence. As long as carousel horses are set and charged with power, the customers could suit themselves with a coin. They operate at fixed period of time and stop function. You needn’t to worry about them when you are caught up in doing other business. We believe it is a good ride for you to earn extra money besides your store business.

Coin Operated Horse Kiddie Rides for Supermarkets
Coin Operated Horse Kiddie Rides for Supermarkets
  • Occasion:indoor commercial amusement park, trampoline park, sports park, adventure park, kids café, shopping mall, resort hotel, kids hospital, outdoor public playground, resort place, camping area, city park, residential, kindergarten, educational play area, kindergarten, daycare, training center, home kids zone, garden, commercial, public, educational
  • Product name:indoor kids mini 6 seats carousel rides for sale
  • Material:FRP+steel
  • Capacity:3 or 6 seats
  • Diameter:1.4 m or 2.1m
  • Equipment Height:2.6 m or 2.8 m
  • Power:500 w or 1.5 kw
  • Color:White or pink
  • Operate time:3 minutes or adjustable
  • Warranty:1 year free maintance, support technolog support for long-life
  • Certificate:CE Certificate

12/16 seat carousel

12/16 seat carousel, on the other hand is a indoor ride in moderate size for you. You could see their presence in lots of  fairground and park. Comparing with small ones, they can accommodate more customers with expenditures higher than small ones lower than large ones. They are fancied by lots of owners.

12 seat indoor carousel in dinis
12 seat indoor carousel in dinis
  • Occasion:shopping mall, resort hotel, residential, commercial, home
  • Material:FiberGlass
  • Max Capacity:>500kg
  • Type:Outdoor, Amusement Park Rides
  • Color:Customize
  • Materials:Fiberglass, Reinforced plastic
  • Suitable Age:3-10 Years
  • Suitable Place:Amusement Park/Park/Play Center/
  • Payment Terms: 30% Deposit By T/T;
  • Trade Terms:FOB/CIF
  • Features:Durable, attractive, versatile, safe and solid
  • Discount:20% OFF
  • Label:merry go round horse

24/36 seat carousel

One of the 24/36 seat indoor carousel horse rides features is they are quite eye-catching on account of their big figures. Obviously, they are suitable for you to set one in densely populated place like shopping mall.

indoor animal Merry Go Round with 36 Seats for Children
indoor animal Merry Go Round with 36 Seats for Children
  • Occasion:commercial, kids carousel ride, amusement rides, carousel
  • Material:Metal, FiberGlass, Steel, Aluminum, FRP+steel
  • Max Capacity:>500kg
  • Type:indoor
  • Allowable Passenger:>10
  • Product name:24 seats classic carousel
  • Warranty:1 Years
  • Item:Amusement Machine
  • Application:carousel
  • turn around:Counterclockwise
  • Power:4kw
  • Voltage:380V/50HZ
  • Height:6000kg
  • Certificate:CE Certificate

Height limitation

As you need to place one indoor place, inevitably it is concerned with height limitation. The carousel rides’ height in our company stand at 1.5/3/6.5/8/9/10 meter. Supply us with your venue parameters or your determined size, we could bring you the most suitable products. Don’ t worry about the height won’t fit because we could do customization at the same time.  If you have one preferred products but its height collide with your need, we could cut its height through various ways like remove the gourd.

 Noise issues

Admittedly, some carousels will produce some noise. Carousel horse rides used for indoors might have limitations for noise. It is an important thing for you to consider. In this regard, we would suggest you the upper-drive indoor carousel horse ride, they make less noise than lower-drive ones. And they are more durable than the latter ones. If your operating venue has some concerns for noise, they could be your good choice.

 Design of the carousels

In our company, we have multiple designs for carousel horse rides that have tested home and abroad. They are popular in China and international market. Still, we are committed to innovation and quality. We have classic carousel designs that bear some European attributes for western market’s needs. They are familiar with these designs that their culture background has. Like Christmas Halloween themed carousel rides is targeted for them. If you feel interested in exotic designs or individualistic designs, we could print your brand name or your individualistic marks on them.

The aforementioned information are some of our sincere advice for you to care. Hope you could find suitable products in Dinis and we can maintain extended cooperation with you.

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