Antique Amusement Rides for Sale

Antique amusement rides for sale is a classic amusement ride style. Especially, in terms of train and carousel’s design, you can see many of them inherit the vintage style in 18th  century. Since the train is one of the most prominent representative of the time,the antique train gained prosperous development in the 18th   century. You can see lots of many ornate and sophisticate makeup from train sets in that time. So vintage trains have been popular even in modern time. While, at the same time, the carousel horse rides share the similar popularity reasons with train sets. Dinis offer antique amusement rides for sale to recreate the prosperity of late time. This is a hot theme in amusement rides industry. Because customers who have preference for ornate antique trend is increasing these years.

Train sets

Carousel ride

Antique Design Inspiration

Hot sale antique amusement rides in Dinis

Train sets models

Antique trackless train

Vintage track train

Antique trackless train sets for sale

Antique trackless train rides for sale is suitable for amusement parks, shopping mall,plaza, resorts,streets. It has simulated steam train locomotive ,sound of whistle, smoke & chimney as well as audio system. On the body of the train set embed some LED lights. You can control the lights glittering from the driving room.

In the nights, these colorful lights can be fun and eye-catching. Also, there are big lights for lighting, so operation at night is completely acceptable. You can drive the antique train sets to public park and places near the busy shopping center. In the night of the summer days when people come for walking, chatting and shopping, kids will be drawn to this colorful train sets. The audiovisual effects of the train is always a good weapon to attract kids’ attention. In peak season like summer days and vacation, it can help you gather a large sum of money in one day without doubt.

Christmas train display for indoor and outdoor use
Christmas train display for indoor and outdoor use

Occasion:shopping mall, resort hotel, residential, commercial, home

Material:FiberGlass, Steel, high quality FRP+steel

Max Capacity:>500kg

Type:Indoor, Outdoor

Allowable Passenger:>10

keyword:Amusement park train

capacity:20/24 seats

Locomotive Size:2.7*1.1*1.95 m

Cabin Size:L1.7* W1.1*1.95m

power:2-3 KW

voltage:60 V

Color:picture or Customized

Vintage track train sets for sale

Besides the trackless train sets, we also offer track vintage train rides. The tracked one looks exactly like the real steam antique train and can hold more customers. It is widely used in some resorts, amusement parks and so on. Track train set in large specification,especially with long track, is suitable for resorts. Then the business owner usually make the train thread through the beautiful scenery and connect the most iconic resorts parts together. This is a good strategy to create resorts unique selling point. Then the track train can be viewed as a sightseeing train. In many resorts, vintage track train is one of the most favourable rides. As a nice family ride, customers who come to enjoy the journey can be a group of people. In this context, you can earn money from several of people at one time.

Vintage track train in small specification is also available in Dinis. It is suitable for small business owner or startup amusement rides owner, the track of the train is customized according to your needs. There are three types of track for you to choose from. 8 shape,circular orbit, elliptical orbit. You also get to decide the length of the track. Our antique train ride have both the vintage and cartoon elements, which take full consider of children’s affection and preference. We produce kiddie antique train sets and train rides geared for adults. Come and send us inquiries, our staff will send you the inventory of our antique train sets.

Vintage train sets locomotive on display
internal seats in the train with seat belts

Antique carousel

Theme park antique carousel

Antique carousel horse ride for sale

Antique carousel horse ride models after Western vintage style elements for design. You can notice it from the ornate and luxury decorations on the vintage carousel horse. Besides, on the cornice of the carousel sit green gem-like decorations. The floor has wood grain, rendering the carousel looks vintage. Yet the raw material is FRP. The fiberglass amusement rides feature bright colors, with the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability and beauty.

There are beautiful floral patterns painted on the center pillar at the same time. This carousel ride is upper-drive mode. The force driven by the upper drive carousel is on the top, that is to say, the motor is on the upper layer, that is, under the roof of the carousel. Usually this part is relatively wide, and the main force is the auxiliary frame, and the track wheels are only auxiliary force. The advantages of the upper drive is that it not easy to be damaged and has a relatively long life of 8-10 years.

Dinis Amusement Merry Go Round Kids Party Rides with Beautiful Decoration
Dinis Amusement Merry Go Round Kids Party Rides with Beautiful Decoration

Model Number:c49

Product name:merry go round carousel for sale

Material:seamless steel tube

Area needed:3m*5m




Capacity:3/6/12/16/24/36 person




Theme park antique carousel kids games

We also have lower-drive antique carousel rides for sale. The carousel has 24 seats. The horse is designed in war horses. The carousel swings set small LED lights giving out colorful lights. Horse can carry both kids and adults. The carousel can take people weight at 120-150KG. That is 264.5547(lb) to  330.6934(lb).You can customize the pictures on the center pillar. For example, paint the London’s scenery on the center pillar. We welcome any demands, please feel free to raise any terms. The carousel is 5.5 meter at height. Also, if you need curtains set on the periphery of the carousel to make it more mysterious, remember to tell us.

European vintage carousel horse rides with double cornice
European vintage carousel horse rides with double cornice

Model Number:CR0621

Occasion:indoor commercial amusement park, trampoline park, sports park, adventure park, etc.



Size:Customized Size




After Service:Professional Installation Team

How do we design our antique amusement rides for sale?

We draw our inspirations from 18th  century’s locomotive. The investigate and make surveys of vintage train sets. Try to copy the concept of steam age and bring customers travel through time. As for carousel horse ride, we mainly adopt some western patterns. Since the carousel originate from western culture in the 18th century when steam engine was invented and introduced into the prototype of the carousel. The carousel began to develop. Until this day, carousel become a classic entertainment rides. As these two rides all have relative interconnection with past 18th century. We draw lots of inspiration from past time. These days, different aesthetics schools developed. Antique trend has entered into different fields.

In this passage, we talked about hot sale antique amusement rides in Dinis. That is to say, how do we design our antique amusement rides for sale? Hope you find useful information from it. Dinis produce and sell antique rides at wholesale price. Come and buy one of the most popular antique rides from here! We have established many cooperation relationships with international clients. Hopefully, we have chance to establish win-win results in the future. Wait for your consultations!

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