How is Our Carousel Produced In Dinis ?

You might be curious of the whole carousel production process . Here we introduce every part of the production and our meticulous attitude in manufacturing. We are committed to produce the quality and cost-effective carousel.

antiseptic wood we used for carousel floor
antiseptic wood we used for carousel floor

 Carousel production design

First, our designer will have to make general draft of the size and specification of your demanded carousel rides to prepare for the following production. This is a period for us to make your expected products. For clients who demand customization, your detailed needs would be our references to make some refinement.

fiberglass polish room in DInis
fiberglass polish room in DInis


 Carousel production frame work

In this stage, our workers will have to cut the steel by laser machine and shape them in needed length. Then weld the steel together to build the frame. The specialized workers who are in charge of the welding are well-trained and experienced. They work under the principle of remove the welding blurs and make sure the welding seams are filled tightly and sturdy. The steel we used is Chinese national standard Q235, which is the most widely used steel in amusement industry manufacturing. Also, our workers conduct their duties with welding certificates.

the dust free paint room worshop
the dust free paint room worshop

Spare parts carousel production

Then we start to make the ceiling, floor, carousel horses, carriages and poles hold the horse. The ceiling and carousel horses are made of the FRP material. The platform is made of two different material, antiseptic wood or aluminum checkered plate. You could choose either of them for your carousel platform.

Our workers will cut the floor into suitable size for preparation. The FRP horse will first be make of glass fiber layer after layer. We use the resin adhesive to make the fiberglass stick together and complete the modelling of the horse. The our workers will polish the blurs off to make the surface of the horse smooth in our polishing room that has dust removing mechanism. Following that, the workers will  be varnished, primed and painted. At last, workers will send them into the paint baking room to make the paint dry. The paint process will need some patience because our horses are colorful and the colors need to be meticulously compartmentalized to paint. Generally speaking, all of the FRP made parts are following the same process of production.

Dinis's exhibition room of amusement rides
Dinis’s exhibition room of amusement rides


The last procedure is to assembly the sweeps, main bearing, center pole, motor, and the carousel horse, LED lights. Before they are sent to your countries, we will start the rides so as to testify their ability to run normally.

After this procedure, a beautiful carousel rides reveal themselves in front of everyone’s eyes. Our company has a large factory that covers 20,000 square meters and a standardized production workshop of 18,000 square meters. We supply amusement rides at wholesale price. We have various workshop such as paint baking room, polishing room, welding  and cutting workshop.

If you still feel insecure about us, we are more than happy to welcome you to visit our factory. And show you around the workshop and our exhibition room in which you could see some of our completed rides and have a try. Our staffs will lead you around and solve all your questions. The famous watch brand Longines sent their employees to visit our factory and feel satisfied with our quality and design and finally made the decisions to order customized carousel from our company. Hope we could reach a win-win cooperation in the future.

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