How to assembly the train ride?

After you buy a track train from our company, how to assembly the train ride on your own might be on your mind. Here are some tips for you to refer to. Please follow the steps to complete the assembly of the train ride .

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our staff will be glad to help and send you related videos for you to follow with.

Track train installation and Sightseeing train movement principle

Track trains are also known as  children’s trains. They are mechanical toys made by imitating regular trains, with the locomotive in front and several cartoon cabins similar to swinging machines at the back for children to play. The track is composed of regular steel rails, and the models can be replaced at will according to the needs. Besides,the small rail train is equipped with an electric console box to input current to the track for the train to start.

The input voltage of the electric box is AC 220V, and the output voltage is 24V DC safe voltage. The speed of the small train is adjustable. Also, the timing is adjustable so as to ensure the smooth and free control of the operation. According to the shape of the track, the equipment can be divided into 8 self-propelled, B-shaped and circular, covering an area of ​​5-7 meters in diameter, which is suitable for operation venues like parks, kindergartens, shopping malls, etc.

electric thomas track train rides in Dinis
electric thomas track train rides in Dinis

 The installation method and steps of the track train

Track installation method

You’d better find a place that is flat and dry. The track slope should be less than 5/1000, and the track height difference should be controlled within ±3mm; the sliding contact electrode should remian flat, and the bolts at the connection with the bakelite board should remian tightened.

 Wire connection method

When connecting the wire, please refer to the wiring diagram in the manual. First, connect the red (+) and black (-) terminals on the rear wall of the console to the train track’ sleeper(-) and the electrode (+) in the middle with a bv copper core wire above 5mm for the purpose of eliminating the speed instability caused by the poor contact at the joint of the track. You should add more wirings on the sliding contact electrode and the sleeper. You should place the control box in a dry and ventilated room and ensure that they connect well.

the control console images in Dinis
the control console images in Dinis

This is the guide on how to assembly the train ride on your own. You can complete the assembly process with around 3 person’s help. It is rather easy to complete the whole process. If you are in need of any help, send your questions to our staff’s Whatsapp. We will take active responsible for the after-sale and help you to solve the problem. If you are in need of a professional engineer to do the assembly. We can send engineer to your country. For your reference, it will need you to pay for their airplane tickets, room and board. Yet in our opinion, we think our products are easy to operate and assembly. You needn’t to surcharge this item. And hope we can reach a content cooperation.

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