Strategies to increase your revenue for amusement rides

Publicity is essential in the operation of amusement equipment. Though old saying goes “Good wine needs no bush.”,for newly opened amusement parks, it is actually difficult to open the market without certain marketing methods. So what are the practical marketing methods for investors to increase  revenue? In the following passage, Dinis has summarized four marketing methods for you, let’s take a look together.

Gifts and lucky draws

If the promotion is done in the form of gifts, then the choice of gifts for promotional activities is very important. Gifts with low value will arouse consumers’ resentment, and gifts without creativity will affect customers’ first impression of the brand. The gifts of amusement equipment should reflect the brand and its style and quality, and avoid adverse reactions. In addition, the way of lottery draw can immediately produce the effect of promotion. The advertisement plus exciting lottery activities will indeed increase consumers’ interest and understanding of the park, and the promotion method of lottery draw can often accumulate popularity. In this way, you can attract newcomers and form into good reviews and advertisements. Accordingly, it helps to increase  revenue.

carriages and details of the Longines carousel ride designed by Dinis
carriages and details of the Longines carousel ride designed by Dinis
products testing scene

Discount coupons and gift certificates

Discount coupons are a relatively common way of promotion, but they will affect the brand image of amusement equipment parks. Therefore, when using this method for promotion, you should try to use the value of specific objects and discount coupons to reduce the adverse effect. Coupons in magazines can often increase the attention of a brand ad. Of course, promotion in the form of gift certificates is also a way to reduce prices, but it is necessary to improve the design and printing quality of gift certificates so as to make them look high-end. Advertising plus gift certificates can stimulate consumers to come to the store for an experience. You can print your classic and primary rides like, Ferris wheel on gifts and certificates. It would be a good way to advertise for your amusement park.

20 meter Ferris wheel for amusement park
20 meter Ferris wheel for amusement park
Buy Min iTrain Attractions for Kids at Low Prices for Business
Buy Min iTrain Attractions for Kids at Low Prices for Business

Membership card

How to attract old customers and let customers spend multiple times? At this time, the importance of the membership card represents itself. The membership card ensures stable revenue and flow of people. Common ones are sub-cards, monthly cards, seasonal cards, and annual cards. One of the most effective ways to sell membership cards is to apply for a card to get points, and the points can be exchanged for gifts.

Fun activities

Even if your park marketing methods are clever, but without core features and pronouns, it is easy to be imitated by other parks, so adding some interesting activities at this time is very good. To put it simply, fun games are mainly for short-term effects, which will not greatly help the image of the park, but because it is interesting and attractive to play, they will not damage the brand image of the park.

In a word, the above-mentioned strategies are some useful and popular ways these days in the amusement markets. Hope these advice can be of help and increase revenue noticeably. Buying amusement rides like carousel horse rides, track train for indoor and outdoor use rides together with these novel fun strategies, you can see returns back quickly

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