Amusement Park Electric Trains

Amusement park electric trains are one of the most hot sale train amusement rides products set in amusement park. You could see their existence in nearly every amusement park. To satisfy customers’ needs for quality and reliable trains, we have been committed to innovating and designing new tourist train rides used in amusement park.

Some different train amusement ride styles in Dinis

Trackless amusement park train for sale

The amusement park train rides can be divided into two different types. First, there is a type of trackless amusement park train rides that could serve as one of the transportation means for your amusement park. They are powered by battery and can accommodate 18-24 person. For your reference the capacity is linked to the cabins that attached to the locomotives. This type of trackless electric train rides can take the responsibility to transport and show customers around the park’s layout and beautiful scenery.

Small 16 Seats Train Rides for Sale
Small 16 Seats Train Rides for Sale
  • Occasion:shopping mall, resort hotel, residential, commercial, home
  • Material:FiberGlass, Steel, FRP+steel
  • Type:Indoor, Outdoor
  • Capacity:16persons or more
  • Cabin:3
  • Power:3kw
  • Speed:adjustable
  • Size:L: 4*1.6*2.2 m C: 4*1.8*2.5m
  • Customized:accept
  • Certificate:CE, ISO
  • Warranty:12 Months

Track amusement park electric train rides

As suggested by its name, the track amusement park train rides will need to lay track for the train rides, which means it might not act freely as trackless train rides can.



  • Occasion:indoor commercial amusement park, trampoline park, sports park,etc.
  • Age group:3-12 years old
  • Material:FRP, steel frame
  • Cabin:4-5 Cabins
  • Seats:14-16 seats
  • Running speed:6-8 r/min
  • Running time:3-5 min adjustable
  • Power:1-5 KW
  • Voltage:220V/380V


Operation type

According to the power way method, the Train Ride on a track or rail can be divided into orbital alternating current type and storage battery dc type. The orbital alternating current type could relay the electricity through track and is connected with the control box that offer the electricity. The storage battery dc type will need to charge the trains when the battery is flat. As for which type you should choose, it is mainly according to the operation convenience of the power supply. The general movement way of the railroad train rides is that: under the power of traction, several carriage compartments drive along the track.

How much does amusement park electric train cost?

Different capacity: As we all know, electric train park ride with different capacity has different price. For instance, 24 seats amusement park electric train ride is more affordable than 40 seats amusement park electric train set.

Common capacity with different styles: Besides, you must know that the price of different styles trackless electric train park rides is different. For common capacity trackless amusement park electric train, the price of luxury 40 seats electric park sightseeing train ride is higher than classical 40 seats park electric train ride.

Different driving modes: Trackless electric train amusement park ride is driven by lead acid batteries. While, electric track train ride suitable for amusement park is driven by electricity. Thus, train amusement park rides with different driving modes need different cost.

All in all, when you buy electric train amusement park, you will find that the price of it in different companies is difference. Thus, you need contact salesmen to know more details about amusement park electric train equipment carefully.

FRP material trackless electric train in amusement park
FRP material trackless electric train in amusement park
different styles amusement park train electric rides for sale in Dinis factory
different styles amusement park train electric rides in Dinis factory

Specification of amusement park train rides

Notes: the specification is a reference, more details and latest price, please contact us!

Name Data Name Data Name Data
Materials: FRP+ Rubber Max Speed: 6-10 km/h Color: Customized
Area: 9.5*1.1*1.9mH Music: Mp3 or Hi-FI Capacity: 14 passengers
Power: 15KW Control: Battery/Diesel/electricity Service Time: 8-10 hours/ charge
Voltage: 380V/220V Charge Time: 5-6 hours Light: LED

How to choose a suitable amusement park electric trains?

Preferred Theme

First, we offer you various of different theme for clients to choose from . For example, Christmas themed amusement park electric trains have a Santa Claus sitting on the front of the train and riding two reindeers. The Christmas train rides could offer customer strong festival happiness especially in Christmas holidays.

The ocean themed train rides are designed after the ocean theme. The blue and white cabins as well as the locomotive simulate the world under the sea. There are also some cute sea creatures painted on outside of the train to amplify the sea vibe. We design the themes like this to diversify our products versality. We are committed to create the kinds that enjoy many affection and do relative research to keep up with the time and update our technology and designs accordingly.

The operation mode

The aforementioned operation mode plays an important role in the your process of picking for your amusement park. If you prefer fixed rides, you could consider the track train rides. If you wish to get one moveable transportation, the trackless train could better satiate your needs. And the charge mode might be on your mind. The orbital alternating current type and storage battery dc type are both powered by electricity. You can choose the one that is more suitable for your operation venue. The difference between them is that the latter one can operate without the constraint of wire.

electric Christmas train locomotive
electric Christmas train locomotive
cabins of the Christmas train
cabins of the Christmas train


To make sure your train fairground rides could operate normally, you need to take a consider of the specification of the train rides. For example , the capacity of the train rides include 16 seats, 20 seats, 24 seats, 27 seats, 36 seats, 48 seats, 56 seats, 72 seats, 90 seats, and so on. Turning Radius, the power, and the working speed. These are some basic information for you to know. Remember to check the power of your country and offer us the needed figures, so that we could customize it for you.


To ensure that your train rides could operate well after they come to your country. You should have a good exam of the credit of the manufacturer. Dinis, the expert in producing of the amusement rides, who work to provide the most attentive service for our patrons along the whole process of pre-sale, consultation, production, delivery and after sale service.


Firstly, we will make some recommendations for you on the basis of your requests if you don’t have one on your mind before by our rich past experience. Also, we will shed light on your concerns and offer you professional advice.

Secondly, once we confirm everything well, then we can make a invoice with bank account for you. 50% as deposit and we will start production. You should send the balance payment before delivery. Also we will share you products real pictures and video before you send us the balance payment.

Thirdly, we provide 1 year free warranty after-sale and lifetime service. If you run into any problems, we will reach out to you and help you with it. And if you need some spare parts for replacement for rides from our company, you could order from here. Yet given the long distance of the delivery, we also could provide you the information of your needed parts so that you could get in local.


We can accept customization no matter what details you are in need of . These years we have made myriads of  deals with foreign customers and you can find the reviews and the visiting pictures from our website. Hope it could clear the concerns on your mind. We have been trying to maintain the extended cooperation relationship with our clients, so we will never do any harms to your interests. We sincerely hope that our ties could be firm and realize the win-win results.


2 Tips to help you buy affordable amusement park electric trains

Importantly, if you want to buy amusement park electric trains at affordable price, there are many suggestions for you.

Firstly, you can buy train ride for your amusement park in promotion period. In general, our factory holds two promotion activities to reward old and new customers. During promotion period, you can save more money to buy high-quality train ride amusement park.

Secondly, please buy theme park train amusement ride in reputable factory instead of third party. As you purchase electric train ride suitable for park in direct factory, it usually gives you discount price. Then, you can save more money.

Reliable electric train rides manufacturer-Dinis factory  

When you buy amusement park electric trains, you will know that there are lots of advantages of our factory. Certainly, our park train amusement rides have many advantages.

Battery with enough electricity: Our factory as a reliable train rides manufacturer uses best batteries to provide enough power and electricity for electric train amusement park ride. In general, there are lithium batteries and lead acid batteries for your choice.

Durable materials: We also use best durable and environmental friendly materials: Fiberglass and Q235 steel. Besides, we use aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and other materials to manufacture amusement park electric train rides.

More styles for your choice: Professional factory will provide you all kinds of amusement park train equipment. For example, there are sea theme, Christmas theme, thomas style, European style, luxury theme, vintage style, sightseeing tourist style, other animal themes, and so on.

Customized service: Our company has an important feature: providing you customized service. If you need 16 seats, 20 seats, 24 seats, 30 seats, 40 seats, 50 seats, 70 seats, and so on. To conclude, whatever capacity electric train amusement park ride for sale you need, we can meet your needs.

Long service time: Generally speaking, our park electric train rides’ warranty is 12 month. However, our factory has rich 20-year production experience, so we also provide you lifelong technology support.

fiberglass electris train's locomotive made in free-dusty workshop
fiberglass electris train’s locomotive made in free-dusty workshop
Dinis factory price novel style electric trains for amusement parks
Dinis factory price novel style electric trains for amusement parks
customizing cabins for special people in wheelchairs
customizing cabins for special people in wheelchairs

The amusement park electric trains battery has unparallel advantages:


High and low temperature resistance

Lasting power quantity

Battery can be recycle

Steady voltage

How to drive the amusement park electric train rides?

Some Guide for Trackless Train Rides:

  • Wheel: The steering wheel and train wheel is synchronization, 45 degree to right and left. When driverchanges direction, he should slow down the speed then turn the wheel.
  • Stop Button: After push the button of trackless ocean train rides,it will be reset. Remind the key openningwhen driver wants to stop the train rides.

  • Key of Train:After inserted the key, driver should turn clockwise it to start the train. When he stops therides, turn anticlockwise the key then pull out it.
  • Pedal Accelerator: Driver steps on the accelerator and the train rides will start. You can adjust the speed of small train rides by the pedal.
  • Handrail: When players get on this carnival train rides, let them to hold the handrail when then sit in the train.
  • Charger Plug: If the train rides is out of power, connect the charge with charger plug when charge the battery. Keep clean of the charger plug.
amusement park electric train ride for sale suitable for scenic area
amusement park electric train ride for sale suitable for scenic area
vintage large size electric trackless train amusement park ride
vintage large size electric trackless train amusement park ride

In this passage, we talked about some different train models in Dinis. How to choose a suitable electric train rides for your amusement park? How to drive the amusement park electric train rides? We are a reliable electric train rides manufacturer, wholesaler, and we have many amsument rides for sale. For example, carousel ride, small carousel ride, ride on train ride, ferris wheel, teacup ride, roller coaster, flying chair, bungee trampoline, go kart, slide ride, tourist train ride, bumper car, and so on.

And never stop your steps to chase for better service and quality products. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We are waiting for your inquiries 24 hours.

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