Carnival Horse Ride for Sale

Carousel is an iconic facility for carnival rides. You can see them frequently in fair,amusement park,resorts,and theme park. Our carnival horse ride for sale is beautiful in appearance and varys in different theme. It will help you profit a lot with our hot selling carnival carousel rides. Our customization makes your carousel unique and attractive. And special horses figures will add more fun.

A carousel  merry-go-round  or hurdy-gurdy ,  is a type of amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders. The “seats” are traditionally in the form of rows of wooden horses or other animals mounted on posts, many of which are moved up and down by gears to simulate galloping, to the accompaniment of looped circus music.

Today we will see some details for carnival horse ride for sale on the market. To fully understand different types of carousel in fair. How to choose one carnival carousel for your fair. What carnival carousel brings you euphoric Christmas ambience. Some interesting and unique horses designs for carnival carousel. Tailored carousel details. And how to buy a quality merry go around.

Large Upper Drive Carnival Carousel with sea creatures horses in Dinis
Large Upper Drive Carnival Carousel with sea creatures horses in Dinis

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Various theme

How to choose a suitable carnival carousel?

Well-sold carnival carousel

Tailored elements

Different types of carnival horse ride for sale in fair

Various Themes of carnival carousel horse ride

To satisfy clients different needs for carousel rides. Our company is committed to produce carousel carousel for sale of all kinds. They are mainly:European-style carousel,vintage carousel.ocean carousel,cartoon carousel and new carousel of other shapes.

European-style carnival carousel

The European-style carousel is European-style, and the eaves are European-style spires. The appearance is mostly white and golden yellow;

Carnival using carousel with double flying cornice
Carnival using carousel horse ride with double flying cornice
  • Notes: The following parameters are for reference only, contact us for detailed info.
  • Material: FRP+Steel
  • Capacity: 16 Seats
  • Carousel size: 5.5m diameters
  • Power: 4KW
  • Speed: 1m/s
  • Color and logo: according to you need
  • Usage: amusement park, shopping center, family entertainment centers, etc.
  • Certificate: CE certification
  • Warranty: 12 Month

Vintage carnival horse ride for sale

Its appearance of the vintage carousel looks mostly old-fashioned, wood-grain-like material treatment, and the colors are mainly red and black

Vintage carousel's colorful floral patterns for canival
Vintage carousel’s colorful floral patterns for canival  carousel center pillar

  • Notes: The following parameters are for reference only, contact us for detailed info.
  • Occasion: shopping mall, resort hotel, residential, commercial, home
  • Material: FiberGlass, Steel
  • Type: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Area needed: 3m*5m
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power: 2.2kw
  • Height: 3.5m
  • Capacity: 12 person
  • Weight: 500kg

Ocean carnival carousel for sale

The ocean carousel is in the shape of seagrass and coral-like cornices, the color is mainly blue, and the seats are all aquatic creatures such as seahorses, fish,seals etc.

Cartoon carnival horse ride for sale

The cartoon carousel is very colorful, and different themes are matched with different cornices , color, seat shape, such as insect cartoon carousel, ant kingdom. There are some other new carousel, such as the flying hat. The horses take shape in cartoon characters’ image.

How to choose one suitable carnival carousel

Various theme design

Well sold carnival carousel

Tailored elements

Generally speaking,to choose a suitable carnival carousel,there are some clues you should pay some attention. First,the target customers. Second,the parameter of your venue. Third,need for seats. Fourth,horses group arrangement.

 Target customer for carnival carousel rides

Kids  carnival merry go round for sale

Children usually find carousel quite attractive. Then some  carousels catering to children’s mind is more preferred. The size of horses can be small to match with their height and weight.  Appropriate size of horse can closely link to your needs.You should assure your target customers before you rush into any decision.

 Coin-op carousel  for sale

Coin-op carousel  normally design for kids to ride . It is widely welcomed by kids,because it is cute in design and easy to operate. What’s more. It can operate without your presence. If you get occupied with tending other rides for now,coin-op carousel can relieve you to some extent .

Dinis Coin Operated Animal Pony Carnival Carousel Horse Rides for Squares, Stores and Other Indoor Places
Dinis Coin Operated Animal Pony Carnival Carousel Horse Rides for Squares, Stores and Other Indoor Places
  • Notes: The following parameters are for reference only, contact us for detailed info.
  • Occasion: indoor commercial amusement park, trampoline park, sports park, adventure park, kids café, shopping mall, etc.
  • Material: FRP+steel
  • Capacity: 3 or 6 seats
  • Diameter: 1.4 m or 2.1m
  • Equipment Height: 2.6 m or 2.8 m
  • Power: 500 w or 1.5 kw
  • Color: Customized
  • Operate time: 3 minutes or adjustable
  • Warranty: 1 year free maintance, support technolog support for long-life
  • Certificate: CE Certificate

Adults  carnival horse ride for sale

Adults’ weight  differ from children’s . Our company’s horse have two different size too. But,they both can carry kids and children’s weight. So you needn’t to worry. Carousel for adults using,the choice is wide. You could choose from vintage,European,classic, luxurious and some other ones. We have various designs for you to choose from.

Some  adults consumer attach great importance to carousel’s appearance. Then some modern and fashion ones with special and artistic design might be a good choice for clients . Vintage style carousel now can make its presence felt. Double decker vintage carousel is one-of-a-kind vintage carousel with luxurious decoration and design. It can not only accommodate more people but also more fancy. Also,in grand fair ,more people will be present in a day, we’re sure it will be one of your most profitable rides.

The most common scene in idol dramas before is that the male and female protagonists chose to meet in the playground, and the merry-go-round will be one of the items they will definitely play.  The sweet breath、 especially at night when the sky was getting darker and the lights of the  horse came on created a romantic atmosphere for the young couples,which makes couples are also one of the biggest fan of carousel .

What carnival carousel is well-sold  in 2023 ?

Various theme

How to choose a suitable carnival carousel?

Tailored elements

Musical carnival horse ride for sale

Musical carnival horse ride for sale is one of the most popular carousel in 2022. It attract both children and couple with its beautiful LED lights and cozy and happy atmosphere it brings. Children love it for their favorite cartoon songs and couples enjoy its romantic atmosphere. Its music can make passers-by hear it so as to attract more people’s attention . In nights when LED lights are on ,it gives out colorful and rhythmic lights,which will sure to satisfy your desire for dreamy experience. Of all our company’s musical carousel,you can control the speed at which you need through VFD(Variable-frequency drive).

Christmas musical carnival carousel 

Of all musical carnival horse ride for sale,we have specific preparation for Christmas festival when you need hold Christmas themed  carnival,these kind of products won’t fail you. Our carnival horse ride for sale designed for Christmas festival aims to create a heated and genuine atmosphere for Christmas. We apply multiple means  to magnify festival effects.Like special design for its appearance to fully fit into Christmas festival. Cheerful Christmas songs accompany carousel’s operation at the same time. Excellent carnival carousel brings you euphoric Christmas experience.

Christmas merry go round used for carnival
Christmas themed  merry go round used for carnival
  • Notes: The following parameters are for reference only, contact us for detailed info.
  • Material: FRP+steel
  • Usage: Theme Park, shopping mall, amusement park, carnival, etc.
  • Color: Customer’s Requirements
  • Size: Customized Size
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Certificate: CE SGS TUV
  • Voltage: 110V/220V/380V
  • Power: 3.5kw
  • After Service: Professional Installation Team

12 seats carnival carousel for sale

The 12 seats carnival carousel is one of our best-selling products. Because as a medium size carousel for sale,it is suitable for starter to purchase. It is not as expensive as large ones so it can retrieve your investment in short period of time. As a result,it becomes more and more popular among investors.

Portable carnival carousel for sale

The folding carousel is also called the simple carousel. It is a children’s carousel that can be folded. It is suitable for frequent dismantling and operation during temple fairs. The folding carousel canopy is made of Oxford cloth, which is windproof and waterproof. The cockpit is in the shape of a horse and is made of fiberglass. The folding carousel evolves from the simple carousel. Every time the carousel is operated, it is troublesome to disassemble and assemble all the parts, while the folding carousel can be unfold with ease, which save lots of time and efforts.

12 seats Portable Carosousel horse rides in Carnival
12 Seats Portable Carosousel Horse Rides in Carnival
  • Notes: The following parameters are for reference only, contact us for detailed info.
  • Occasion: amusement park, garden, carnival, resort, kids café, shopping mall, etc.
  • Capacity: 12/16 persons
  • Material: Fiberglass + Steel
  • Diameter: 5.5m
  • Voltage: 220V/380V
  • Power: 4kw
  • Height: 5.5m
  • Horse Loading: 120-150KG
  • Customization: acceptable
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Customize carnival horse ride for sale

Our company accept customization. We cooperate with famous watch brand Longines before. Our engineer customize a unique design for Longines. We design the carousel color in dark blue and white as background. Several clocks are mounted on the cornice. The overall designs are classic in western style.We  not only gain Longines brand a cknowledgement . Lots of other carousel owners also fancy our designs. If you want one similar one,we could print your  brand name on it and change the color of the original one to satisfy your needs.

There are some more popular ones in our company waiting to be find by you. We have managed to clinch deals with myriads of clients all these years,so don’t hesitate to send consultations and inquiries to us.

Tailored carousel horses for your carnival event

Various theme

How to choose a suitable carnival carousel?

Well sold carnival carousels

Some client might have their own special needs for their carnival event. We welcome their unique thoughts and bring their thoughts to reality. From horses on the pole to paint color and demanded pictures patterns on the central spinning axis or the number of total horses and the size and height of carousel,we are poised to take any of your needs and make them align with your request. We could customize your  logo could at the same time. You can point how the leading horse looks like if you want it different from the rest ones. Also some other parts also offer to change with your intention. The bottom chasis we offer you to choose from plank to diamond plate or aluminium checkered plate.

Carousel spare parts are not constraint to horses. We have various shapes for different theme of carousel. For example, there are sea creatures,like sea horse,  and other animals  in sea themed carousel. We will make sure the horses on the carousel are congenial to overall design. And taint them with agreeable paint color.

As a popular amusement facility welcomed by all ages,we gain a better insight for its variation and how to choose one for our fair,and best seller this year,Christmas festival vibe carousel,an important parts on the carousel–horse,which parts you can choose to customize. Hope you could get some inspiration from it.

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