When is the good time to buy a carousel

Some customers might be wondering when is the good time to buy a carousel? Here are some of our advice for you.

We believe that there are some different clues are at play. First, The time that you plan to begin your operation. Second, find a time when amusement rides company is on sale. Third, pay some attention to the big carnival or festival in your country.

Scheduled operation time

Before you place your order from any company, it is suggested that you should make a general plan of when do you start your operation. For example, if you need to start the business at around the end of the year. Then we suggest you to start choosing relative products at June or July. As long as you send the inquiries to us, our staff will reach out to you and deal with your needs.

 Special customization

If you have special customization needs, especially when it is concerned with modeling of a new carousel model. It might be going to take some extra time to complete the carousel ride. Simple customization like paint color or decoration pictures won’t take much time. As long as you send us the HD pictures, we will draw the vector and preview pictures to you. We could make adjustments until you are satisfied with it. By the time we reach an agreement at last, we can arrange the production.

Details for production in welding and FRP manufacture
Details for production in welding and FRP manufacture

 Peak season

There are also another reason that might postpone the delivery time. In peak time, when our company receive lots of orders, customers might need to line up for your rides’ production. But don’ t worry about that. We have a large production base and hundreds of workers is on the first line. We will expedite and push for the production for you.

Generally speaking, you will be through the time of order, design and details consultation and negotiation. Then to reach to the final decisions. When your needs are all settled. You need to drop the deposit and send the bank slip. If you place your order early, you will be more quicker to receive your products, which will absolutely shorten your waiting time. So, we suggest you advance your purchasing time, if you are in urgent conditions. For your reference, the production won’t start until you send us the bank slip. So, remember to pay the deposit in quicker speed, if you can’t raise enough money, we also accept credit card payment.

 Discount buying time

Normally, our company have discounts at the middle of the year as well as the end of the year. So when you place your order at this period, you will get some preference. It is a good time for you to save lots of money! Now we are welcoming another discount season. Please don’t hesitate and make a decision to buy a carousel from us! What’ s more, if you have place an order before, we will offer you discount and some presents at the same time. We are committed to maintaining an extend cooperation with our customers. Our products have endured tests through years. There are lots of return patron who choose to trust us and get other carnival rides that we innovate and produced.

12 seat festival carousel for sale in Dinis
12 seat festival carousel for sale in Dinis

Buy at Special festivals

We suggest you go through a year’s vacation and carnivals with a fine-tooth comb. With that being done, you will have a more integrated picture to clasp at the peak time to operate and maximize your income. Buy at the suitable time, so you could take the chance of operating at the most lively and crowded days. In this way, your return on investment will come back soon. Win-win results are our common goals. In western countries, important festivals like Halloween and Christmas festivals can be a good time for you to garner the money. Don’t miss these festivals. We also have Christmas themed carousel for sale to make the carousel more targeted.

In this passage, we talked about how to pick a right buy time of carousels. The foregoing clues are some of the important items that we think clients should pay some extra attention. Hope you find the aforementioned information useful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving inquiries from you!

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