Children’s Merry Go Round for sale

As an amusement equipment,children merry go round for sale has been loved by kids all the time. They are the main target customer of merry go round. So it is necessary for owner of amusement rides to pay some attention to their appetite so as to attract more customers for their business.

This time we are prepare to offer you advice to pick a suitable indoor carousel rides, what clues should we consider when pick a quality outdoor children’s merry go round  for sale, the design that children like for merry go round and how do children like the children merry go round for sale.

How to choose

 How to choose an indoor merry go round for sale ?

To maintain a stable source of revenue ,some clients are considering indoor merry go round carousel. Indoor ones could shield you from rain snow and other weather clues, also,reduce the erosion from weather beating. All these will save you from frequent maintainance. Don’t let go of your chance to have one in your venue,we believe it will garner you lots of money in the long run.

So, how can we choose a indoor merry go round. Don’t panic,here we will offer you some advice to choose one suitable indoor merry go round that you are in need.

Venue limitation

First, we suggest you consider how tall your venue is to fit your merry go round facility. The diameter for carousel rides is also an important items.


Second,before you place your order,you should stay clear of your budget.


Third,mind the material the supplier use. Our company use high quality fiberglass on the panel, horses,cornice. The frame of the carousel is made of quality steel. We are committed to produce satisfying products for customers.

Quality Certification:

Ask for their quality and technical certificates before giving them the order. Our company has CE certificates that could be used in lots of countries. We have manage to clinch deals with lots of clients that from every corner of the world.

In our company, we have various types of kiddie carousel for sale designed for outdoor. Some of which can be used indoors and outdoors. Shopping mall, resort hotel, commercial residential, home are all accepted as long as you need. The size is adjustable to the parameter for your indoor height,so don’t worry about the type you are into can’t fit,we will assure you a satisfying product.

Carousel Models

In regard of the external decoration we have multiple different designs for you to choose, vintage carousel, carnival carousel Christmas carousel and all the other rides. Different themes for carousel rides are offered.

Ocean park-situated  carousel rides

For example,we have sea-themed carousel merry go round. The veneer of it is painted in blue and white to simulate the wave’s kinetic movement.and some cute sea creatures are embedded on it to give the customers seafront experiences. And the horses on the pole have been changed with sea creatures like seals,sea horses, shrimps and other animals from sea, thereby winning over children’s attention and affection . Its luxurious veneer and cute sea creature  figures are prepossessing.

12 seats children ocean-themed carousel with seal creature figures
12 seats children ocean-themed carousel with seal creature figures

Notes: the following parameters are for reference only, contact us to get detailed info.

  • Material: Metal, FRP+steel structure
  • Max Capacity: >500kg
  • Power: 4kw
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Cover area: 1.5m diameter
  • Speed: 6rpm
  • Seat: Marine life
  • Occasion: Park, mall, restaurant, square, etc.

Home-situated merry go round for sale

Some clients wish to have one at their home to entertain their kids. We also offer kids mini merry go round home entertainment carousel. There are three seats attached to it. Normally mini merry go round for home can accomodate  3-6 people. Here we supply you with parameter with 3 seats carousel. It is 2 meters high,1.5 meters in diameter ,and operates at 500w. 6 seats carousel is 2.2meter in diameter and 2.5 meter in height and operates at 800w. You could choose suitable configuration according to your needs. What’s more, it is a good entertainment ride for you to please your kids. You can buy one for their birthday. So they could enjoy it with his/her friends. And it is comfortable to ride.

6 seat small merry go round with a carriages in Dinis
6 seat small merry go round with a carriages in Dinis

Notes: the following parameters are for reference only, contact us to get detailed info.

  • Material: Alloy, FRP+steel
  • Certificate: CE
  • Color: Customized
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Voltage: 220/380V
  • Power: 1.5 kw
  • Diameter: 2.1m
  • Height: 2.1m

Shopping center-situated children’s merry go round for sale

Indoor carousels can be set at shopping center where it is one of the most profitable places for our clients. When children accompany their parents to go shopping,they are hard to resist the magic from merry go round. Some parents are willing to sign up for several month or a year’s package service. It helps you assure a stable flow of income. In the shopping center, a carousel will greatly offset the impact from off season, and give full play to its commercial function. Today we can see lots of amusement rides for kids in shopping center. Indoor amusement ride business is a sunrise industry.

Dinis kiddie merry go round customized design for indoor use
Dinis kiddie merry go round customized design for indoor use

Notes: the following parameters are for reference only, contact us to get detailed info.

  • Occasion: shopping mall, resort hotel, residential, commercial, home
  • Material: FiberGlass, Steel
  • Type: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Voltage: 220/380V
  • Capacity: 3/6/12/16/24/36/38 person
  • Speed: Adjustable
  • Color: Customized
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Material Strength

 What clues should we pay more attention when pick a quality outdoor children’s merry go round  for sale ?

When you need a outdoor merry go round for kids. The unpredictable weather will demand you to attach importance to the quality of the facility. Here are some tips for you to make the choice.

Given that the outdoor carousel will have to endure the weather change,it raise great question for its ability to resist the erosion from rain and wind. Fiberglass now have been widely used by amusement facility manufacturer. Our company use FPR ,seamless steel tube and Antiseptic Wood for our products. We determined to use the premium material with reasonable price. Here are the strength of the raw material we use.

The strength for fiberglass

A fiberglass is a form of fiber-reinforced plastic where glass fiber is the reinforced plastic. This is the reason  why fiberglass is also known as glass reinforced plastic or glass fiber reinforced plastic. The glass fiber is usually flattened into a sheet, randomly arranged or woven into a fabric.

It is a lightweight material yet stronger than alloy steel. It  can resist erosion well. First, various structural products can be flexibly designed according to needs to meet the requirements of use, which can make the product have a good integrity. Second,the material can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product, such as: corrosion resistance, instantaneous high temperature resistance, special high strength in a certain direction of the product, good dielectric properties, etc.Also,easy to process. The molding process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, use and quantity of the product. The process is simple, it can be formed at one time, especially for products with complex shapes and a small number of products that are not easy to form, its technological superiority is more prominent.In this context, many advantages make FRP stand out among many materials.

The strength of seamless steel tube

Seamless steel pipe is an industrial steel product with multiple uses.Seamless pipe is a pipe with a circular and hollow center that has no seams around the end. It is typically available in carbon steel and stainless steel. It has great resistance to wear and corrosion,and doesn’t rust easily. Seamless steel pipe can be hot-rolled or cold-rolled. Cold-rolled can be circular or shaped pipe.

Seamless pipes can be more expensive to produce and purchase, but it is more reliable and there are many benefits.

They are very durable and withhold high levels of pressure, about 20% higher pressure than welded pipes. They are also very resistant to corrosion.

Seamless pipes harden during the manufacturing process, so they generally don’t need heat treatment.

A seamless pipe can be used in place of a welded pipe, but a welded pipe cannot be used in place of a seamless pipe. Seamless pipes have a more solid round cross section than welded pipes.

It has great strength and can support large amounts of weight.

The strength for antiseptic wood

 Good anti-corrosion effect

The anti-corrosion effect of antiseptic wood is relatively good. After the sapwood of antiseptic wood receives  high pressure process , the agent can completely enter the sapwood of the tree, while the core of antiseptic wood  contains wood glue oil. The oil itself has a certain degree of anti-corrosion attributes, so this kind of antiseptic wood with both the core and the sapwood has a high degree of anti-corrosion effect.

 Economical and practical

Preservative wood not only has clear texture and good aesthetics, but also has certain practicality. Antiseptic wood can meet the needs of various harsh environments, can effectively achieve the effect of anti-corrosion and anti-rot, can also surivive normally in a water environment, and can effectively inhibit the growth of parasites. This antiseptic wood is durable. It is also better, and it will not  easily become deformed or broken, so preservative wood is more practical than other woods in general.


Preservative wood is irreplaceable. Not all wood can achieve this effect after being added preservatives. Spraying tung oil on the surface of some wood only makes the surface of the wood adhere to a certain amount of preservatives, and does not allow the tree to penetrate from the inside. External anti-corrosion effect, and this wood will lose anti-corrosion after long-term use, as well as the possibility of cracking.

Parts of children Coin Operated Fiberglass Horse for Sale Manufactured by Dinise for Sale Manufactured by Dinis
Parts of children Coin Operated Fiberglass Horse for Sale Manufactured by Dinis

antiseptic wood we used for carousel floor
antiseptic wood we used for carousel floor

FAQ for Children Carousel

What designs do children like for carousels ?

We have diverse new designs for carousel rides that children love. The horses on the pole are design in some cute animals that are colorful. All these cartoon characters  are interesting and attractive to  children all over the world. If you have prepared certain theme for carousel, we are ready to accept customization.

The ceiling and central pillar have beautiful pictures and sophistic patterns on them. The cornice design in unique styles. In the nights,when the colorful lights are on,they sparkle and twinkle in the amusement park. Children will feel excited to the dreamy and fairy tale ride.

Our company has a special room for painting. Constant temperature, dust-free painting room, all these make our carousel more bright and not easy to fade. We use exquisite craft to draw layers after layers paint and polish it until it is sleek and flat.

Why do children like our children merry go round for sale?

When children sit on the horses back,the horses are slowly revolve around the center pole to the accompaniment of joyous music. When the surrounding scenery revealed in front of their eyes,children can resist  this sweet atmosphere.

Safety is not a problem. The sweeps hold cranking rods that are turned by small gears at the inner ends that are driven by a stationary gear on the center pole. Horse hangers are suspended from the cranks, and as they turn, the horses move up and down about 30 times per minute. And we have children merry go round for sale that uses carriages or chariots. They will effectively protect customers’ children’s safety. One of its defects is that it won’t going up and down.

In this passage, we offer you some advice to pick a suitable indoor carousel rides, what clues should we consider when pick a quality outdoor children’s merry go round  for sale, the design that children like for merry go round and how do children like the children merry go round for sale. Hope you find it useful to you.

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