Strategies to increase your revenue for amusement rides

Publicity is essential in the operation of amusement equipment. Though old saying goes “Good wine needs no bush.”,for newly opened amusement parks, it is actually difficult to open the market without certain marketing methods. So what are the practical marketing methods for investors to increase  revenue? In the following passage, Dinis has summarized four marketing … Read more

Deals with Turkey customers in November

In these days of our big promotion, we have managed to make a deal with Turkey customers. They have bought European carousel and Large Ferris wheel from Dinis. Here we share our cooperation with you. Hope you feel enlightened from the deals.  European carousel ride in Dinis The Turkey customers wish to have a carousel … Read more

Christmas ride cooperation with an English customer

Since the Christmas festival is coming, we would like to share you a deal we made with an English customer who is in need of a Christmas carousel and roller coaster. For your reference, the Christmas ride cooperation with an English customer is one of our most successful case. So we decide to share this … Read more

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